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疲篨- Y- Z triaxial stress testing machine

by:Wingoil     2020-04-07
The machine models: SA - Product introduction: 8305 by triaxial load curves testing machine, fully automatic pressure testing machine is under the condition of the human cost is higher and higher in the market development, and realize automatic button load displacement test. Can do pressure test, screen display more pressure test, PDA stress tests. Save manpower cost for the customer. The same products, as long as the test once confirmed coordinates, or by entering a datum point corresponding to the coordinates of each point, fully automatic test test opportunity. More effectively improve the test efficiency and reduce test cost. Facilitating the clients to test more products at the same time, the sampling more test data, in order to found the quality problem before shipment, reduce market quality hidden trouble. Achieve zero defect target customers. 。 。 Product specifications: test load range: 5 KGF, 20 KGF, 50 KGF minimum display load: 0. 01 Z axis testing trip: 100 mm Z axis display trip: 0. 001 mm test speed range: 1 - 300 mm/min X mobile stroke: 450 mm Y mobile stroke: 250 mm the moving machine structure: dynamic da ma: ball screw drive servo motor ( Three axis) Machine device level don't: 0. Level 2 outside view 'inch: 1000 w * 900 d * 800 h machine weight: 150 kg ( Machine) Use electric source: AC220V test project: automatic multipoint strength test, general products. Keys, The keyboard) Curve test ( Automatic multipoint displacement) 。 LCD, resistance to pressure test ( Automatic multipoint displacement) 。 , stress life test ( Automatic multipoint displacement) 。 Machine features: can be arbitrary input X and Y coordinates, automatic mobile location test machine. , type test schedule and largest load, the computer automatic control and testing. , load, when the load value can be set arrived, to suspend or rotary machine. , can be set stroke, stroke value when they arrive, to suspend or rotary machine. , can be directly tested and copy each trip point ( 0. 1毫米) With the load of the graphics. , each measurement graphics are available by the cross cursor trajectory, interpretation of corresponding minimum resolution to 0 in load and schedule. 01mm。 , print and storage graphics ( Load - Stroke curve, the life curve, inspection reports) 。 Test data are stored on the hard disk (, Each data can be stored, unlimited) 。 All are set in the computer screen, test conditions ( Test load, stroke, speed, frequency, air compressor, pause time, etc. ) 。 Inspection report, looked up and contents can be modified at any time, In both Chinese and English are available) 。 Inspection report can be archived to Excel, editor or directly through the network output. My company independent research and development, production and sales of precision, pressure, torque, durable, life testing machine, etc. Sampling rate of 50000 hz, load precision can reach 0. 2% ( To 1/200 of the full scale load sensor) 。
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