Portable Hydro Test Pump 20000W

Model: WY-20000W-J0B

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Product Overview

WY-2000W-J0B Portable Hydro Test Pump is a kind of pneumatic hydrostatic testing pump designed and developed according to specific requirements and methods from customers.

Improper operation on this high-pressure equipment takes safety risks, so please read this manual carefully before using the equipment.

Product Characteristics

Portable Hydro Test Pump - WY-20000W-J0B-3

  • Pressurized stable and reliable, equipment selecting an air drive pump, can quickly complete the pressurized operation.
  • In simple operation, the user can quickly become familiar with the operation methods and mechanisms through the schematic diagram and instructions.
  • Safe use, using 316SS as the main pressure component.
  • Anti-corrosion is strong, the wet parts and panel are made of stainless steel.
  • Low energy consumption, packing process does not require additional energy consumption.

Schematic Diagram

The equipment is a pneumatic hydro testing pump. Compressed air is used as the power source to drive the plunger pump to operate, which can provide relatively stable pressure and flow. Meanwhile, it does not need additional energy consumption in the process of pressure holding, and there is no over pressure in the pressurization process. 

Schematic diagram 1

Working Condition

Ambient temperature0~ +40℃
Driven air supply1-8 bar
Low water40 L/min

Technical Data

Testing mediumClean water
Max. output pressure20000 Psi
Max. flow26 L/min
Gauge precision+/-1.6 FS
High-pressure pipe316SS
Low-pressure pipe316SS
Max. working pressure of valve30000 Psi
Pressure gauge range0~35000 Psi, double scale
Compressed air inletG1/2
Water inlet1/2 NPT
High-pressure outletG1/4
Bleed-off outlet1/4 NPT
Net weight~65KG

Note: The connection and the operating panel flow chart are corresponding to the position indicated by the arrow.