Due to the lack of water in the oil field, in the past, each test pressure required about 2-3 vehicles, in addition to water, equipment, personnel, and tools.

image 42
water shortage?

image 43
a wide range of equipment tools?

Option I

image 44

The vehicle-mounted pressure test equipment is a new type of pressure test device with remote monitoring and sound and light alarm system. It can perform on-site hydrostatic pressure testing on various wellhead equipment such as various well-sealing devices, killing throttle manifolds, and Christmas trees.

The main unit of the pressure test unit is an air-driven hydraulic pump. The maximum output pressure is 150Mpa. The maximum output flow rate is vacant displacement of not less than 24.05L/min. +100 L/min.

The pressure test device has remote operation functions (boosting, voltage regulation, pressure relief, overvoltage protection, etc.) and monitoring and sound and light alarm systems. The monitoring probe can be rotated 180° and adjusted up and down, and has anti-shock function.

The pressure test equipment control system is designed with a remote emergency stop device to prevent accidents.

The remote control system allows automatic and manual operation to be converted to and from each other.

The pressure test system has computer automatic control and video screen monitoring technology, which can automatically complete the pressure test process control according to the program instructions.

The functions of pressure test, data acquisition, recording and management, pressure curve drawing, and automatic generation and printing of pressure test results report can realize intelligent, digital and fully automated management of pressure test operations.

The pressure test remote control is remotely controlled by a laptop.

image 45
Water tank
image 46
High pressure hose
image 47
image 48
Air compressor
image 49
Pressure booster unit and remote control unit
image 50
Tool box
image 51
Interior layout
image 52
On-site operation

Option II

In order to save money, install the pressure test system on the

original water tanker according to the customer’s idea.

35Mpa Vehicle-mounted High Flow Hydraulic Test Equipment

① Technical requirements

  • Equipment model: WY-G60 -DC
  • Max flow: 23 L/min
  • Control method: manual
  • High pressure outlet: G1/4, 120o cone seal.
  • Dimension: 600X500X500

  • Working pressure: 35 Mpa.
  • Working medium: water
  • Drive air inlet: Rc1/2.
  • Water tank: 13 L
  • Weight: 60Kg

② Schematic diagram

image 53

③ Reference Structure Diagram

image 55
Pressure test unit
image 56
Pressure test unit
image 57
High pressure hose
image 58
Air compressor