20000PSI Large Flow Hydro Test Units with build-in Paper Chart Recorder Were Delivered to Nigeria

On December 25, 2020, 2020, two sets of Hydro Test Pump Units were delivered to Nigeria. The two units were both equipped with a 12 hours spring wound paper chart recorder imported from the UK.

This Hydro Test Pump Unit is an air-driven pneumatic booster and injection pump system in a small and compact structure,  with the features of high pressure, high flow rate, and low failure rate due to dual high quality and large flow pump. The high-pressure flow part of Wingoil equipment is made of 316 stainless steel material, which is suitable for various harsh environments.

Technical performances:

Brand:  Wingoil
Max. outlet pressure: 25,000 psi
Working pressure:    20,000 psi
Max. flow rate:      30 L/M
Test medium:Clean water, hydraulic oil, chemicals
Pump type:   Double head double acting
Driving:By compressed air
Driving air:100 psi
Driving air inlet:    NPT1/2F
HP outlet:   NPT1/2F

2 Sets of Wingoil Hydro Test Pump Unit With 12 Hours Spring Wound Paper Chart Recorder

20000PSI Large Flow Hydro Test Units

Good packages for hydro test pump system

Good packages for hydro test pump system