3 Sets of Portable Nitrogen Booster Units Have Been Safely Transported to India

Portable Nitrogen Booster Unit

Portable Nitrogen Booster Unit is an air driven gas booster pump system used for pressurizing air and nitrogen. The equipment adopts a small portable structure, which has the characteristics of high pressure, high flow rate, and low failure rate. The high-pressure wet part of the equipment is made of stainless steel material, which is suitable for various harsh environments.


  • Medium: Gas/Nitrogen
  • Max. Operation pressure: 539bar
  • Max. Flow: 327NL/min
  • Max. Driven-air Operating pressure: 10bar
  • Nitrogen input pressure: 30-60bar
  • Pipeline usage pressure: 600bar
  • Dimension: 900L×500W×550H mm
  • Equipment connector
  • Drive air inlet: G1/2 ″ (F)
  • Nitrogen inlet interface: 1/2 “NPT (F)-with quick pull connector 1/2″NPT
  • High pressure outlet: 3/8 “NPT (F)
  • High pressure outlet quantity: 3/8 “NPT (F) for 1 piece
  • Pressure relief outlet: 3/8 “NPT (F) for 1 piece

Portable Nitrogen Booster Unit Package

3 sets of Portable Nitrogen Booster Units are respectively packed in sturdy wooden boxes, which are reinforced with steel belts and wrapped with film to ultimately ensure the safety of goods during transportation.

Portable Nitrogen Booster Unit Pump
Portable Nitrogen Booster Unit Pipeline
Portable Nitrogen Booster Unit Panel