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In the past, a cementing truck must be equipped in the well

site to complete the pressure test.

1/2 discharge pipe 28 meters high pipe string + control head + cable to quickly complete the pressure test;

The well site has no power;

Rapid injection of methanol or ethylene glycol must occur when ice is blocked;

How to deal with it?


Using water as the pressure test medium, it can pressurize the hydraulic test from 5MPa-105MPa.

The max. flow rate is 240L/min, which greatly shortens the test pressure time. It can test pressure on various Christmas tree, blowout preventer, anti-nozzle, various manifolds, downhole tools and other well control equipment.

The whole test process is automatically controlled remotely by the laptop. All test settings can be operated in the automatic console. (If necessary, each valve can also be manually controlled separately) to realize the whole process of pressure test without the need of people on site. When the system pressure is greater than 5Mpa, the sound and light alarm system starts to work, prompting the site personnel to stay away from the high pressure area, making the field operation safer.

The computer automatically generates pressure and time curves, displays them in real time, and stores various data, and can print out Chinese and English test reports at any time.

Double pressure relief device - computer automatic pressure relief and manual pressure relief, more safe and reliable; in the event of electrical failure, the system automatically relieves pressure; electric and manual presetting pressure test upper limit, no overpressure, high pressure boosting speed can be controlled.

Performance Data

Test medium: clear water

Air-driven piston pump model: G100+GX60

Pressure ratio: 1:113

Max flow: 24L/min

Max flow of pneumatic diaphragm pump: 878L/min

Working pressure: 300-1050 bar

Test workpiece: 1 station output

Air supply: pressure 8 bar

Flow rate: 3000 LN/min

High pressure water pressure test bench (MHU105KB/WILDEN-T)

Drive air inlet (PL): Rc1/2"

Drive air inlet (PL): Rc1/2"

High pressure outlet (PA): G1/2 Female

Water filling outlet (PB): Rc1.5-2"

High pressure relief port (PC): G1/2 Female

System Schematic Diagram

Major Equipment Configuration

Test Report

Wireless (wired) remote control and alarm system


  1. A wireless transmitting antenna and an alarm are installed on the top of the trailer. The wireless remote control system can be operated remotely within 50 meters. At the same time, the wired control is also installed in the trailer, and can be enabled at any time.

Chemical Injection System

General layout drawing


The system is used for injecting methanol or ethylene glycol into the fluid upstream of the nozzle pipe to prevent the formation fluid from freezing due to the pressure drop, which is one of the most effective means for plugging the wellhead.


The system uses a high-pressure pump that is originally imported from MAXIMATONR Germany. The internal structure of the pump is made of special materials and is suitable for chemical reagents.

Model: GSF-150 

Max output pressure: 20000 PSI 

Max flow: 100L/H

All equipments and accessories are mounted on the trailer

Reference Size:

Air compressor unit:

1700mm (L) ×1500mm (W) ×1450 mm (H)

Weight: 1400kg

Pressure test unit:

1300mm (L) ×1200mm (W) ×1200 mm (H)

Weight: 500kg ( no water is added)

(Slightly different internal structure and size according to different configurations)

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