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Tubing and Casing Thread Gas-tight Sealing Testing services


Tubing gas seal test. , casing gas seal test,

coupling gas seal test, thread air seal test, helium gas seal test,

Medium (He)

The molecular weight of helium (He) in nature is only larger than that of hydrogen (H2), but its chemical and physical properties are more stable than hydrogen, and the content of helium (He) molecules is very low in the natural atmosphere. So by pressing the helium, you can detect very small leaks.



Oil and casing need to withstand the pressure of the formation in the production well. Using the method of simulating downhole pressure, a high pressure is generated to detect the sealing performance of the coupling.



Gas has a strong compression capacity, in order to improve work efficiency and cost, the packer is used to seal the coupling position.

The winch

Uses a winch to quickly lift the packer to the coupling position.

Equipment Composition and Technical Parameters

Creativity and Design

Air power unit

● Output air pressure: 10bar


● Output air flow: 10 square meters / minute

Creativity and Design

Booster unit

● Output pressure: 1050bar


● Output flow: 300L/min


● Lifting weight: 5T

Creativity and Design

Compounding instrument

● Helium and nitrogen were mixed at a ratio of 1:9.

Creativity and Design


●  Detection accuracy can reach: 1×10-7 mbarL/min

Creativity and Design


Pressure: 1050bar


Fatigue life: 300 times


Specifications: 5- 7 inch

Creativity and Design


Construction site

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