A Trial Order of Frac Plug Shipped to Huston for CNPC

On July 26, 2021. All-mental Dissolvable Frac Plug was shipped to Houston, this is a trial order from CNPC for deep cooperation.

Mist Series-All-metal soluble bridge plug body is made of high-strength soluble magnesium alloy, The sealing ring is made of soluble alloy material, and the bridge plug can be completely dissolved after fracturing.

Purposes: The bridge plug is mainly used in vertical or horizontal well casing fracturing in layered sections, completion casing open hole layered sectioned fracturing construction or other temporary plugging operations.

Scope of application: it is suitable for high-temperature or low-temperature oil and gas wells, its working temperature is 20-160℃, and sealing pressure performance is over 70MPa, dissolution rate after fracturing is controllable and adjustable.

Trial Order of Frac Plug