Automatic Dosing System

  • The automatic dosing unit is a new type of dosing system independently researched and developed by our company. It has gained a good reputation at home and abroad and has been recognized and affirmed by users.
  • Mainly used in the field of natural gas petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, food, textile semiconductor environmental protection, water supply systems etc.

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The dosing device is a metering pump as the main feeding device, a solution tank, a stirrer, a dosing device level gauge, a safety valve, a stop valve, and a pressure gauge. Filter, buffer, piping. valve. Base.The automatic monitoring and control system, the power control system, etc which are assembled on a common platform according to the process flow, forming a module, a so-called armored combination unit.

Technical Parameters

  • Medium: ammonia, Corrosion inhibitor, Sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, calcium ammonia hydrate, calcium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, Polyacrylamide, Phosphate ete.
  • Max pressure:0-300Mpa
  • Max flow : 0-50L/min
  • If you can not find suitable model for you applicataion or anything not clear ,please  inform us detail
  • Our company’s dosing device is not only scientifically designed, but also strictly constructed in accordance with standard operating procedures. The quality is strictly controlled to ensure that each dosing device delivered to the user is suitable and efficiently applied to your process. Please contact our sales engineer for specific principles.