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Company Founder


Li Jixiong, founder of Chongqing Weiyun Technology Development Co., Ltd (Wingoil), has been working in the oil & gas industry for more than 40 years. His experience covers drilling, logging, downhole operations, etc. He received professional training from Schlumberger and Wstern Atlas, and used to lead teams to Moscow and Siberia to work with the people from Yukos Oil and Slavneft Oil. His team also provided technical services to companies such as Texaco, Enron and Shell.


In 2010, Li Jixiong founded the company of Wingoil and currently serves as the company's president. With his professional experience and expertise, LiJixiong is leading Wingoil to be striving to be the first-choice global supplier of high pressure and flow control equipment for the oil and gas industry. 

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