How to choose the right gas booster pump

Keywords you need to know before purchasing a gas booster pump

The gas booster pump has the characteristics of high output performance and low cost, and the booster pump has fewer parts and seals and is simple to maintain and low in cost. So what are the keywords you need to know before purchasing a gas booster pump?

Pressure ratio: The area ratio of the driving piston of the gas booster pump to the pressurizing piston. Commonly used pressure ratios: 2:1, 3:1, 4:1…160:1, and so on.

Air consumption: the minimum air consumption (NL/min) required by the gas booster pump to drive the piston to determine whether the delivery capacity of the air compressor or pipeline can meet the needs of the booster pump. Under normal circumstances, the gas booster pump requires the minimum air consumption of the air compressor to be≥0.6m3/min. Under the same driving air pressure, the greater the air outlet flow provided by the air compressor, the faster the gas booster pump works, and the higher the boosting rate.

Driving pressure: the pressure range of the gas booster pump driving the booster pump, the theoretical range is between 2bar~10bar, and the economical use range is between 6bar~8bar. The driving gas is used as the power source of the gas booster pump. The higher the pressure, The greater the coefficient multiplied by the boost ratio, and the greater the output pressure.

booster pump general layout drawing

Principle of the boost ratio

The boost ratio of a gas booster pump is the area ratio of the driving piston to the high-pressure piston (or plunger), which is an important factor in determining the output pressure of the pump. For a pump, its boost ratio is fixed, and its output pressure is the product of the driving air pressure and boost ratio. Customers only need to choose the product with the appropriate boost ratio according to the pressure requirements of the application

Note: As the booster ratio of the gas booster pump is higher, the corresponding required inlet pressure is also higher, so customers should pay attention to the minimum inlet pressure of the boosted gas when selecting and using it.

How to choose a gas booster pump product with a suitable booster ratio?

As a direct example, the following are 2 examples:

1. A customer’s current gas source pressure is 6 bar, and it needs to be raised to 30 bar for new equipment. Divide 30 by 6=5, that is, the gas source pressure can be raised to 30 bar by using a 5 times gas booster pump. Of course, there is another important factor when selecting the model: the flow rate requirement after high pressure; since the flow rate requirement of this customer is 6L/min after high pressure, the flow rate after high pressure of the 5 times gas booster pump is 7L/min, which can meet the flow rate after high pressure If the requirements are not met, they cannot be adopted. I will not delve into it here.

2. Before the workshop of a certain company, the air source pressure was 6 bar, which can meet the production and use of most equipment; but recently purchased a piece of equipment that requires a higher pressure (10 bar). There are 2 options, purchasing a large air compressor and purchasing a gas booster pump. The former chose the latter option because of its high cost and excessive noise.

Solution implementation: The customer’s current gas source pressure is 6bar and needs to be increased to 10bar, and the customer can be recommended to use twice the gas booster pump product (the current gas source pressure is 6bar multiplied by 2=12bar, which meets the 10bar gas source pressure requirement). Of course, another question is whether there are special requirements for the flow rate after high pressure. The double gas booster pump can be subdivided into 2 times larger and 2 times smaller. The difference lies in the flow rate after high pressure. min, 40L/min for the smaller ratio of 2.

How to choose the brand of gas-liquid booster pump

How to choose a reliable gas-liquid booster pump brand? When you choose to buy a gas-liquid booster pump, you must choose a regular manufacturer, and you need to be able to understand the characteristics of different brands. This will be more pertinent for your choice, and it can also avoid affecting you.

one kind of gas-liquid booster pump

Production and Processing Technology

Since there are more and more manufacturers producing pneumatic equipment, if you want to be able to make a reasonable choice among many gas-driven gas booster pump manufacturers, you must know whether the manufacturer’s production and processing technology is reasonable and whether it has an independent factory for production. , Naturally, you can have more advantages in price positioning, and the overall cost performance will be improved. Consumers must be rational when choosing and need to consider various factors, rather than blindly choose and buy.

Quality Inspection Standard

In addition to knowing the quality of the manufacturer’s production and processing, it is important to know whether the manufacturer can have extraordinary quality inspection standards, can meet the production and processing inspection requirements of the entire industry, have extraordinary after-sales service guarantees, and can solve all customer problems in a timely manner. question.

Logistics management experience

Being able to have very good logistics management experience will also have a better guarantee for logistics and transportation. Judging by these detailed factors, the selected manufacturer is also more reassuring, there will be no quality hidden dangers, and the price is more reasonable. Comprehensive The cost performance will be better displayed so that everyone can feel more at ease when buying, and the choice of product styles will be more extensive.

Now everyone should have an understanding of choosing a manufacturer of gas-liquid booster pumps. If you want to get a better experience and make you feel more at ease when purchasing, especially in terms of price, there is a more reasonable guarantee. It is necessary to pay attention to judging from various factors, such as production technology, price positioning, product types, etc. It is also necessary to know whether the manufacturer’s testing equipment is reasonable, etc. These factors directly determine the quality of production and processing.


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