Portable Gas Booster System

Model: WY-15000N-BJ0

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Product Overview

WY-15000N-BJ0 Portable Gas Booster System is a kind of pressure test equipment developed and produced by Wingoil to meet the injection of different media such as Nitrogen and CO2 media. It has a compact structure, the overall no-load design weight is about 82.5kg. The equipped pumps, valves and pipelines are made of stainless steel, which can withstand the harsh working conditions of high temperature and high pressure. The equipment uses compressed air as the power source, with low energy consumption. This equipment is suitable for Nitrogen and pressure test of various pressure vessels, pipelines, and valves.

WY-15000N-BJ0 is customized according to the requirements of customers. It is mainly used for the pressurization equipment of Nitrogen pressurization. The theoretical maximum service pressure of the equipment is 15000 psi.

This is high-pressure equipment, so there is risky if any wrong operations. Please read this manual carefully before using the equipment.

Product Characteristics

Portable Gas Booster System-2
  1. Low-pressure compressed air is used as the booster power source, which is convenient, safe, and environmentally friendly.
  2. The equipment adopts a portable structure, with lightweight and convenient transportation and movement.
  3. Use low-pressure compressed air as driven power to keep convenience and safe.
  4. With the function of pressure self-locked to adjust output pressure keeps constant in case of overshoot under air-driven pressure setting constant.
  5. Pressure is displayed by a double-scale vibration-proof pressure gauge.

Schematic diagram

Schematic diagram-2

Working Condition

Ambient temperature: 0~ +60℃

Power supply: No

Driven Air: 0-145 Psi

Medium: Nitrogen

Technical Data

  1. Testing Medium: Nitrogen
  2. Max. Output pressure: 15000 Psi
  3. Max. Flow: 297 LN/min@100psi inlet pressure
  4. Driven-air Max. Operating pressure: 145 Psi
  5. Connector:
    • Compressed air inlet: 3/8″NPT(F)
    • High-pressure outlet: HF4
    • LP inlet: 1/4″NPT(F)
  6. Dimension: 900L×500W×600H mm
  7. Valve rated pressure: 20000 Psi

Note: Connection and the operating panel flow chart are corresponding to the position indicated by the arrow.