Tajikistan Takes Delivery of Portable Hydro Test Pump Unit

Portable Hydro Test Pump Unit Tajikistan

WY-800W-J0A portable hydro test pump unit is multi-functional testing equipment using clean water or hydraulic oil as test medium; using compressed air as driven power; it has the function of step-less pressure regulation. This equipment is available to the hydrostatic test for pressure vessel, piping, valves, cylinder, hose, etc, as well as used in various fields of chemical, construction, plumbing, petroleum, coal, metallurgy, shipbuilding, etc.


  • Medium: Clean water
  • Max. Output pressure: 830bar
  • Max. Flow rate: 3.62L/min
  • Max. Driven-air Operating pressure: 8.3bar
  • Pipeline operating pressure: 130bar
  • Dimension: 800L×500W×550H
  • Water tank volume:15L
  • Equipment connector
    • Compressed air inlet: 1/2″ NPT(F)
    • High-pressure outlet: 1/4”NPT(F)
    • High-pressure outlet quantity: 1 PC

With its user-friendly design, versatility, and affordability, this innovative technology has streamlined testing processes, improved accuracy, and enhanced overall efficiency, ultimately benefiting industries across the board.

Portable Hydro Test Pump Unit Detail Tajikistan
Portable Hydro Test Pump Unit Detail 2 Tajikistan