The Valve Test Pump to Chile

WY-350A-J0 Portable valve test pump is a multi-functional testing equipment using gas as a medium, as well as compressed air as driven power; stainless steel both for pumps, valves, and piping. This equipment is available for the hydrostatic test for pressure vessels, piping, valves, cylinder, hose, etc, as well as used in various fields of chemical, construction, plumbing, petroleum, coal, metallurgy, shipbuilding, etc.

> Use low-pressure compressed air as driven power to keep convenience and safe.

> With a portable structure, easy to move.

> With the function of pressure self-locked to adjust output pressure keeps constant in case of overshoot under air-driven pressure setting constant.

> Pressure is displayed by a double-scale vibration-proof pressure gauge. 


  • Testing medium: air
  • Max. Output pressure: 350bar
  • Minimum inlet pressure: 3.4bar
  • Max. Flow: 112LN/min @ input 40bar and driven air 7 bar
  • Driven-air Max. Operating pressure: 8.3 bar
  • Connector
    • Compressed air inlet: 1/2″NPT(F
    • Working gas inlet: G1/2(F)
    • Working gas outlet: G1/2
  • Dimension: 660L×500W×550H
  • Valve-rated pressure: 6000PSI
  • Safety valve setting pressure: 38Mpa
Valve Test Pump
Valve Test Pump