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Customer’s Request:

The derivatized gas can be pressurized to 30bar only, which does not meet the requirement of gas delivery.


Apply hydraulic booster pump to pressurize the derivatized gas up to 70bar.

Customer’s new request: 

The environment temperature is very high and need heat exchange on compressed gas.

The high pressure boosted gas is used as a power to bring the gas in the main pipe far. 

Creativity and Design

Final Product

Customer’s request and working condition

In the oil and gas field, derivatized gas (natural gas) is generally produced in oil producing wells. When the gas volume of the derivatized gas is gradually increased, the gas pressure in the well will gradually increase, resulting in a decrease in the oil level and a decrease in pumping capacity. For the production of oil wells, the derivatized gas has a bad influence and is is necessary to carry out by pumping. The customer's existing equipment can only be pressurized to 30 Bar, and he expects it to be pressurized to 70 bar.

The production of derivatized gas is uncertain, and the equipment has intelligent work to adjust energy consumption according to its production.

The working environment of the equipment is used is in the desert area. The desert is seriously dehydrated, windy and sandy, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the daytime temperature can reach 60 °C.

The equipment is highly served in different places.

General view

Field parameters

Technical Conference

Proposal design

Principle Design

The hydraulic booster pump is used to pressurize the derivative gas with an output pressure of 70 bar.

Start-stop Design

The pressure transmitter is used to detect the pressure of the wellhead derived gas, and the equipment is started when the pressure is sufficient.

Displacement Design

The pressure transmitter is used to detect the wellhead pressure. The higher the pressure, the higher the operating frequency.
When the wellhead pressure is 0--200 psi, the operating frequency is 6 times/min.
When the wellhead pressure is 0--600 psi, the operating frequency is 9 times/min.
When the wellhead pressure is greater than 600 psi, the operating frequency is 12 times / minute

Power Source Design

dynamitic power

Explosion Proof Design

The control components are all placed in the explosion-proof box. The explosion-proof grade of the test components (pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, liquid level transmitter) is not lower than EXIIDT6, and the explosion-proof grade of the power components (explosion-proof motor) is not lower than EXIIDT6.

Temperature Control Design

Air cooling is used to circulate cooling for all parts of the equipment.
Install high temperature resistant electrical components in the explosion-proof box.
A partition is designed in the liquid storage tank to restrict the flow of the liquid and ensure sufficient heat exchange.

Operation Lifespan Design

The equipment is equipped with 3 explosion-proof motors. When running for a long time, the motor is automatically switched.

Output Design

The equipment outlet is designed to be connected to a jet pump, so that the pressurized derivative gas can be injected into the main oil pipeline to improve the efficiency of the pipeline.

Structure design

1: AR lifting lug

2: Fuel tank

3: Hydraulic pump

4: Explosion-proof motor

5: Explosion-proof reversing valve

6: Air-cooled radiator

7: Explosion-proof distribution box

8: Hydraulic oil pipe

9: Pressurized cylinder

10: Gas storage tank

Skid structure

All parts are placed on the skid

Transportation design

AR lifting lug, for lifting and dragging 

Maintenance design

There is a manhole on the fuel tank

Liquid leakproof design

The body is designed with a leak-proof device that allows liquid to drain out of the body.

Sandproof design

Make the necessary screen to prevent sand from entering the equipment components


Overall dimension:4000L×2100W×2600H

Max. pressure of hydraulic pump:5Mpa

Max. flow of 1st stagepressure cylinder:600L/min

Max. flow of 2nd stagepressure cylinder:300L/min

Stroke of 1st stagepressure cylinder:


Stroke of 2nd stagepressure cylinder:16次/min

Displacement of 2nd stagepressure cylinder:9L

Working pressure of Gas storage tank:4Mpa

Volume of Gas storage tank:300L

On-site commissioning

The come out and resolution of new problems

There is a higher ambient temperature in the desert and compressed gas needs heat exchange for cooling down

Compressed gas can be used to help the oil and gas in main pipeline as a power transmission

Design principle

Cooling system: The compressed gas is cooled by the hydraulic oil of the equipment, in order to ensure that the temperature of the output gas is not higher than the ambient temperature.

Jet pump: The special spray gun designed with compressed high pressure gas can keep the principle of a high flow rate and improve the conveying efficiency.

Comparison of proposal

Existing Product

WINGOIL product

30bar  Max. output gas pressure

70bar Max. output gas pressure

No temperature control device for output gas

With forced hydraulic oil cooling system, it can ensure the safety operation
No sand proof facility

With sand proof enclosur

Without buffer

With buffer and oil-gas separation unit

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