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Two electric chemical injection skids were successfully delivered on May 27

Two electric chemical injection skids were successfully delivered on May 27


This Iraqi customer is also an insider, who has been engaged in the Oil field for more than twenty years. After reading our plan, he decided that we were a professional team and placed an order directly. And it is a one-time purchase of two large skid mounted machines WY-10C-J01 and WY-150C-J01, which are mainly used for injection of hydrogen sulfide medium.

This series of chemical injection equipment adopts skid mounted structure and is equipped with forklift holes and lifting rings to facilitate movement and transportation. The configured pumps, valves and pipelines are made of 316 stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and can withstand harsh working conditions such as high temperature and high pressure. The equipment adopts 220V50Hz power supply 370W motor and is equipped with explosion-proof box with good safety performance.


Main features of the equipment:

1. Equipped with electric metering pump, the output flow can be easily adjusted and controlled

2. Designed according to customer requirements, with reasonable structure and elegant appearance.

3. All pressure bearing parts are standard parts of well-known brands, without any welding connection, easy to disassemble, high safety factor, long service life and easy to maintain.

4. Driven by motor, equipped with explosion-proof box, with good safety performance.

5. Equipped with pressure reducing valve to ensure safety.

WY-150C-J01 technical parameter

Max. Output pressure150bar

Max. Flow8 L/h

Flow regulation range: 0.5-8L/h

Repetition accuracy: 0.2%

Voltage220V AC 50HZ

Explosion proof gradeExibⅡBT4  

High-pressure outlet3/4 “NPTM

Water tank inletNPT1”F


Valve rated pressure3000Psi210bar

Water tank: 1000L


WY-10C-J01 technical parameter

Max. Output pressure15bar

Max. Flow565 L/h

Flow regulation range100-565L/h

Repetition accuracy0.2%

Voltage220V AC50HZ

Explosion proof gradeExibⅡBT4  

High-pressure outlet :3/4″NPTM

Medium inletNPT1”F

Dimension1500L×1200W×2000H (mm)    

Valve rated pressure:16bar


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