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Wingoil Fully Dissolvable Frac Plugs Applied in Russia

Wingoil Fully Dissolvable Frac Plugs Applied in Russia


Wingoil Fully Dissolvable Frac Plugs were exported to Russia in April 2021.


1.      Technical parameters

s   Maximum test pressure: 60-90MPa

s   Rated working pressure difference: 35/50/70MPa

s   Maximum working temperature: 120°C~160°C

s   Minimum setting load: 100KN

s   Maximum setting load: 140KN

s   Maximum drop load: 140KN

s   Water-soluble medium: 0.5-2% chloride ion liquid

s   Sealing stability period: 24 hours

s   Loss of sealing time: 2-3 days

s   Completely water soluble time: 6-10 days

s   Setting and feeding method: cable or hydraulic feeding

s   Applicable wellbore conditions: vertical wells and horizontal wells without direct contact with acidic operating environment

s   Setting tool model: Baker#10#20 Seating tool

2.     Features

s   The structure is simple and easy to operate. It has various specifications of Φ72, Φ85, Φ88, Φ98, Φ102, Φ108, which can meet the needs of staged fracturing of different well diameters.

s   High compressive strength, which can meet various operations in medium and deep wells; the product body and sealing parts are all made of degradable materials, and there is no residue after dissolution.

s   Special bridge plug for fracturing. The bridge plug has its own central production channel, which can be directly put into production after fracturing. The bridge plug is completely dissolved in the wellbore fluid and does not need to be drilled out;

s   The length of the bridge plug body is small, and the seat seal displacement is short;

s   Compared with the rubber tube sealed soluble bridge plug, it has "lower temperature resistance and higher temperature resistance", and it dissolves more thoroughly after construction;

s   When drilling and removing is required under special circumstances, the bridge plug has good drillability and can be quickly drilled and removed by using ordinary high-efficiency milling tools;

s  If the bridge plug is used in the environment of non-water operation wells, it can be used in conjunction with acidic rapid degradation fluid.

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