Wingoil Portable CO2 Filling Pump Was Exported to Germany

In July 2020, a set of Wingoil portable CO2 filling pumps was exported to Germany. It’s an air-driven liquid pump system used for filling CO2 in liquid. It’s equipped with a safety valve at a pressure of 100 bar.

Technical performances

  •  Medium:  CO2 in Liquid
  •  Max. outlet pressure:  80 bar @ 8 bar of driving-air
  •  Max. flow rate:  4.42L/min
  •  Driving:  By compressed air
  •  Pump:  Pneumatic piston pump
  •  Pump model:   WYM10
  •  Driving air pressure:  8 bar
  •  Pressure ratio:  1:10
  •  Security valve:  100 bar
  •  Inlet connection:  1/2 NPT
  •  HP Outlet connection:  1/4 NPT
  •  Dimension:  600mm×550mm×600mm
  •  Weight:  21kgs
Portable CO2 Filling Pump