Wingoil Pressure Testing Remote Console delivered to Indonesia

In June 2020, Wingoil Pressure Testing Remote Console was delivered to Indonesia. It consists of a set of Wingoil Hydro Pressure Testing Units and a set of Wingoil Pressure and Temperature Testing Chambers. The Max. The pressure is 450 bar, the medium is Nitrogen & air and the temperature range is 0~500C (UP TO 80℃).

 Its main functions are as follows:

  • Pressurize the gas of the nitrogen bottle and compressed air;
  • The equipment can control the test ambient temperature;
  • The equipment has a test cabin;


  • Testing medium: Nitrogen or compressed air
  • Max. Output pressure: 450 bar
  • Max. Flow: 100L/min
  • Driven-air Max. Operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Min. inlet pressure of testing medium:7bar
  • Max. inlet pressure of testing medium:60bar
  • Working temperature of equipment:0-80℃
    • – Normal working temperature 0-50℃
    • – Working temperature of short work 51-80℃
  • Length of cable:10meters
  • Driven air hose:10meteres
  • Length of high pressure hose:10meters
  • Connector:
    • – Compressed air inlet: 1/2″NPT(F)
    • – High-pressure outlet: 1/4″NPT(F)
    • – Low-pressure outlet : 3/8″NPT(F)
    • – High-pressure connection:1/4UNF
  • Overall dimension of pressure control console(mm): 650L×450W×1150H
  • Overall dimension of temperature cabin(mm):1100L×600W×850H
  • Valve rated pressure: 20000psi
  • Power source:220V 50H
  • Total power:750W
Pressure Testing Remote Console with Pressure Testing Chamber
Wingoil Hydro Test Pump Unit
Max pressure: 450 bar, medium: N2 & air
Pressure Testing Remote Console-Inlet and outlet connections
Inlet and outlet connections
Low and high pressure inlets and outlets
Pressure Testing Remote Console
Wingoil Pressure Testing Remote Console
Temperature: 0~50℃(UP TO 80℃)