35Mpa Hydrogen Booster

Model: WY-350H-BJ0

The main function of the hydrogen booster device is to boost low-pressure hydrogen to the required pressure value for the car (or Hydrogenation (hydrogen cylinder), which mainly includes a booster pump, high-pressure filter, pressure regulating valve, high-pressure control (including stop valve and unloading valve), pressure gauge (high and low-pressure gauge), etc.

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  • The control panel of the booster unit adopts a modular design, and the operation process is clear at a glance.
  • Equipped with two hydrogenation guns, TK16 and TK25 from WEH Company, one large and one small, which can hydrogenate cars and buses.
  • It has the function of automatic shutdown after pressurizing to the set pressure.
  • Take safety measures such as safety valves, emergency stop switches, manual unloading, and safety warnings.

Equipment Schematic Diagram

35Mpa Hydrogen Booster Device Schematic Diagram

Working Environment

Ambient air temperature: -20-+60℃;

Driving air: 1-8bar

Technical Parameters

  1. Working medium: hydrogen;
  2. Driving mode: pneumatic;
  3. Maximum working pressure of high-pressure pump: 62Mpa;
  4. System set working pressure: 35Mpa;
  5. Maximum operating pressure of driving air: 0.8Mpa;
  6. Device interface:
    • Compressed air inlet: φ10 quick plug
    • Hydrogen inlet: W21.8-L
    • Nitrogen purge inlet: W21.8-L
    • Unloading port: G 1/2”
    • Hydrogenation gun 1: TK16
    • Hydrogenation gun 2: TK25