Air amplifiers: 4 things you have to know when choosing air amplifiers

Air amplifiers are low-cost, low-maintenance machines that can move a lot of air for cooling, blow-off, and drying applications as well as fumes, smoke, and light materials. They are annular units that are great flow amplifiers that entrain air from both upstream and downstream.

How does the air amplifier work

One of the easiest system upgrades you may make is an air amplifier. They operate without maintenance because they have no moving parts and don’t need electricity. Entrainment, often known as pulling in surrounding air and directing it through a small ring nozzle at velocity, is the mechanism through which air amplifiers function. The air gap can be manually adjusted to simply manage this flow. The air amplifier’s vacuum and discharge ends can both be ducted to pull air in from one location and push air out into another.

Fixed Gap Air Amplifiers

Different applications for air amplifier

Air pressure amplifiers can be employed for a variety of activities because of their strong directed flow. An amplifier can be used to swiftly cool materials to the required temperature while passing cold air over a production line, or it can be used to remove shavings and other particulates from items during cleaning. Air pressure amplifiers can even be used to draw the smokey air in and release it elsewhere by ducting the discharge end if the surrounding air is loaded with smoke from another aspect of the production process. Use the ducting to create miniature air conveyors that transfer things to their destination using only ambient air if you need to move small materials fast. When using an air amplifier, the options are almost unlimited.

Why is it necessary to choose an air amplifier

Using only a small amount of compressed air, the “Coanda” effect, which is used in air amplifiers, entrains a massive volume of the surrounding air. Depending on the size, the consequence is an increase in airflow of up to 17 times or more with less noise. An air amplifier differs from a standard air nozzle due to the amplification effect.

As the diameter increases, less force is created for blow-off, but they are outstanding and significantly more effective than air nozzles for cooling. They are also utilized for venting purposes because air is entrained from the back.

Even while a fully efficient compressed air system could include a variety of high-tech and well-known goods, sometimes the tiniest component can significantly reduce energy consumption. As an illustration, a strategically located timer drain, a specially designed no-drip nozzle, and an air knife can all greatly reduce the amount of wasted compressed air, resources, and energy. Another modest component that has cemented its spot in this group of frequently disregarded goods that significantly alter how your system utilizes compressed air is the air pressure amplifier. The air amplifier isn’t just another way to use compressed air more effectively. This incredible engineering feat actually demonstrates an astounding degree of versatility and can be applied to a wide range of various jobs.

Why choose WINGOIL

WINGOIL Air Amplifiers

Air amplifiers, also known as air boosters, are the perfect cost-saving system for you when you need a higher air pressure than you’ve currently got. Both your workstations and your pneumatically operated equipment will benefit from an increase in air pressure provided by our Wingoil air amplifiers.

Normal pressures of 4 bar or 6 bar can be raised to the desired end pressures by the units. The Air Amplifiers have a range of amplification ratios and are operated with standard shop air.

If you require an air amplifier, we have the most excellent solutions available.

We also provide a wide range of add-ons for the air amplifier or air booster you chose. For instance, we provide fully customizable air control kits with fittings, a filter, and regulators with gauges.

For the solution you select, we can offer piston-type air-operated valve actuators fitted on a typical manual valve and controlled remotely.

We have years of experience offering high-pressure equipment for gases, liquids, and air, so we have the expertise you need. Because of our staff’s dedication to giving you effective, quick, and affordable solutions, we are well-known in the industry for our long-term commitment to our clients.

Let’s get to work making sure you get the air amplifier or air booster you desire right now.

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