Common Problems and Measures of Oilfield Equipment Lubrication Management

Nowadays, there are still many problems in oilfield equipment lubrication management. In addition to the problems of the oil field itself, there are also many misunderstandings in terms of oilfield equipment lubrication. A series of situations such as the bearing capacity and service life of oilfield equipment is inseparable from lubrication. If you want to improve the effectiveness of oilfield equipment lubrication management, you must carry out effective oilfield equipment lubrication management.

Problems Existing in Oilfield Equipment Lubrication Management

1. Lack of correct oilfield equipment lubrication knowledge. Those front-line employees in charge of management lack professional lubrication knowledge of oilfield equipment, and they are not very clear about what kind of lubricants are used for what oilfield equipment and the types and uses of lubricants are even vaguer. The harm that this causes to oilfield equipment is infinite.

Some oilfield workers think that oil means lubrication. It must be clear that oil means it can lubricate. Or they think that the most expensive lube must work best, which will lead to a poor lube effect.

The viscosity of lubricating oil is not considered. Viscosity detection of lubricating oil is very important in the oil monitoring of oilfield enterprises. The viscosity of the lubricating oil can enhance the anti-friction effect of the lubricating oil film. To improve the lubrication effect, you must ensure that the viscosity must be accurate to produce a sufficient anti-friction effect, and at the same time, you must also ensure that the movement resistance is not too large.

They think that good oil will increase the cost. Many staff in oilfield companies think that there is no need to use high-priced lubricating oil, completely ignoring the role of this aspect, thinking that doing so will only increase operating costs and waste funds. The quality of low-priced lubricating oil is very poor, which will increase the consumption of oilfield equipment spare parts, which will increase manpower and material resources, maintenance costs, repair costs, etc., which will only make a lot of money.

Oilfield equipment

2. Pay attention to the oil change, but don’t pay attention to regular cleaning of lubrication equipment. Many factors affect the effectiveness of oilfield equipment lubrication systems, not only the quality and price of oil, and the technical ability of employees but also the need to regularly replace lubricating oil, and clean and maintain lubrication equipment.

Countermeasures for Oilfield Equipment Lubrication Management

 Here are three methods for oilfield equipment lubrication management.

1. Strengthen skills training for managers

To strengthen the effective management of oil lubrication work, it is very important to improve the knowledge level of the management personnel of oil lubrication equipment. The personnel who manage oilfield equipment lubrication should be able to fully understand the oilfield equipment that needs lubrication in oil extraction. When a problem occurs, the problem can be understood in time, and a certain part can be lubricated in real time and accurately.

2. Optimize equipment lubrication management

First of all, carry out detailed analysis and management of the lubricating oil usage levels at different locations of the oilfield equipment. Secondly, it is necessary to check the oilfield equipment in time to ensure its normal operation. Finally, the lubricating oil purchased should be checked regularly.

3. Pay attention to improving the function of the oil supply system

Equipment lubrication management personnel should regularly inspect the components of the oil supply system within a certain period, which can greatly promote the improvement of the function of the oilfield equipment lubrication system.

According to the above, since the petroleum industry is also constantly developing and moving forward, people will pay more and more attention to the preservation of oilfield equipment and instruments used in oil exploitation. The lubrication of oilfield equipment is the key to the maintenance of oilfield equipment.

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