Nitrogen Booster System

This portable pressure test system is a kind of equipment for nitrogen pressurization . It has a compact structure and overall no-load design weight of about 80kg. The equipped pumps, valves, and pipelines are made of stainless steel, which can withstand the harsh working conditions of high temperature and high pressure. The equipment uses compressed air as the power source with low energy consumption. This set of equipment is suitable for nitrogen medium to pressurize and inflate various pressure vessels.

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Technical Data

Pressurization mediumNitrogen
Equipment working pressure200 Bar
Maximum flow of equipment112 NL/min
Maximum operating pressure of driving air8 bar
Safety valve take-off pressure250 Bar
Drive air inlet G1/2(F)
Medium gas inletHF4(F)
High pressure outletHF4(F)
High pressure relief outletHF4(F)
Overall dimension750L*500W*620H
Rated service pressure of valve20000 psi


  • Function description: portable hydro test pump is consist of pressurized pump, pressure regulator, check valve, bleed-off valve and pressure gauge.
  • Low pressure compressed air is used as the booster power source, whichis convenient, safe and environmental friendly.
  • The equipment adopts cabinet structure, and the whole machine has light weight, which is convenient for fixed operation and movement.
  • The equipment has the function of pressure self-locking, that is, under the condition of setting the driving air pressure, the output pressure is constant, but it can not rush, maintain the pressure and do not consume energy.
  • The equipment provides double scale shockproof pressure gauge display.
Nitrogen Booster System