Oilfield Equipment – What to Know about Maintenance and Management

The maintenance and management of oilfield equipment is the key to ensuring the normal production and operation of oilfields and is an important part of promoting the development of social productivity. It can be seen that the maintenance and management of oilfield equipment need to be highly valued. Oil production involves a variety of oilfield equipment, and each piece of oilfield equipment may have certain problems.

The Importance of Maintenance and Management of Oilfield Equipment

1. Ensure the high quality of oilfield products

Oil field enterprises transport oil to society after extraction and processing, and provide it to people’s life and production for use after reprocessing. In this one-time processing, the performance of the oilfield equipment will have a great impact on the quality of the oil. Therefore, the relevant oilfield equipment management personnel can actively manage the equipment to better improve the quality of oil production and better meet the needs of people’s life and production in society.

2. Promote the smooth production process of oilfield enterprises

With the rapid development of the social economy, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, and the demand for oil resources is also increasing, which has promoted the development of oil companies to a large extent. Therefore, the current oil mining depth and scope of oil and other resources are gradually expanding, which also makes the related oilfield equipment more and more. If the oilfield equipment is not managed accordingly, it will not only affect the production of the company but also threaten the daily expenses of the employees of oil companies. Thus, the company should actively manage the oilfield equipment, which can make the oil processing process and production methods more orderly, and ensure the economic benefits of enterprise production.

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Problems Existing in Oilfield Equipment Management

1. The oilfield equipment management system is not perfect

There are many problems in oilfield equipment management. Many oilfield enterprises do not have a sound management system, which leads to confusion in the entire oilfield enterprise, and the entry of many oilfield development equipment cannot be completed in time. Effective development of work requires strong organization.

2. The low level of oilfield equipment management

There are two main reasons for the low level of oilfield equipment management. One is that the overall condition of the equipment is poor, which leads to high maintenance costs. Second, knowledge of oilfield equipment management and maintenance is low, which makes the comprehensive quality of equipment management personnel low.

Oilfield Equipment Maintenance and Management Method

1. Actively improve the management system of oilfield equipment

A complete management system can ensure the smooth development of the oilfield development and promote the effective development of oilfield equipment maintenance. Therefore, a whole equipment management system must be in place. Use the system to ensure that the oilfield development equipment is working normally. And it is necessary to strengthen the management of the enterprise oilfield equipment ledger system and record the use of oilfield equipment promptly.

2. Improve the expertise of oilfield equipment managers

The company can improve professional oilfield equipment management and maintenance knowledge through training.

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