WY-24000W-TJ1 pressure test room has been assembled and will be shipped to Nigeria

A pressure test room is a set of pressure test equipment with pressure test record and monitoring, designed and developed according to the specific use requirements of customers, pressure test bay control room mainly includes a pressure test device and PLC computer recording equipment, and it has the function of real-time record and step-less pressure regulation.

Technical performances:
1) Testing medium: clean water, compressed air, or nitrogen
2) Max. output pressure: 20000psi
3) Max. Water flow: 20L/min
4) Max. Gas flow: 70LN/min
5) Max. air pressure: 10 bar
6) connector

  • Compressed air inlet: 1/2 NPT
  • High-pressure outlet: G1/4-60°
  • Water outlet: G1/2
  • HP air/Nitrogen inlet: 1/2NPT
  • Bleed off: G1/2
    Dimension(mm): 3000L2200W2600H
wingoil pressure test room 1
pressure test room front 1
pressure test