All-Metal Dissolvable Frac Bridge Plug

Product series: Wingoil Frac Series

Wingoil fully dissolvable frac plugs made of high-strength soluble magnesium alloy. The max test pressure is 60 to 90MPa and the working temperature is 50°C to 180°C.

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Fully Dissolvable Frac Plug

All-Metal Dissolvable Frac Bridge Plug

Horizontal well multi-stage efficient fracturing technology Unconventional oil and gas development tool

Purpose and Scope of Application

  • (1) Staged fracturing of horizontal wells is the main production stimulation measure for the development of low-permeability and unconventional oil and gas resources. Dissolvable Frac Plugs are the main technology for staged fracturing of horizontal wells. With the continuous development of low-grade resources, the length of the horizontal section and the number of fracturing sections continue to increase, and its importance becomes more and more prominent.
  • (2) The main body of the All-Metal Dissolvable Frac Plug is made of high-strength soluble magnesium alloy, and the seals are made of soluble alloy materials, which are suitable for high-temperature or low-temperature oil and gas wells. The pressure-bearing performance of the seal exceeds 70MPa, and the dissolution rate after fracturing is adjustable and controllable.


The structure is simple and easy to operate. It has various specifications of Φ72, Φ85, Φ88, Φ98, Φ102, Φ108, which can meet the needs of staged fracturing of different well diameters.

High compressive strength, which can meet various operations in medium and deep wells; the product body and sealing parts are all made of degradable materials, and there is no residue after dissolution.

Special bridge plug for fracturing. The bridge plug has its own central production channel, which can be directly put into production after fracturing. The bridge plug is completely dissolved in the wellbore fluid and does not need to be drilled out;

The length of the bridge plug body is small, and the seat seal displacement is short;

Compared with the rubber tube sealed soluble bridge plug, it has “lower temperature resistance and higher temperature resistance”, and it dissolves more thoroughly after construction;

When drilling and removing is required under special circumstances, the bridge plug has good drillability and can be quickly drilled and removed by using ordinary high-efficiency milling tools;

If the bridge plug is used in the environment of non-water operation wells, it can be used in conjunction with acidic rapid degradation fluid.                                                          

Technical Characteristics

(1) The full range of All-Metal Dissolvable Frac Plugs φ85, φ88, φ98, φ102, φ108 and other specifications can meet the needs of staged fracturing of different well diameters;

(2) All-Metal Dissolvable Frac Plug is suitable for Baker #10 or #20 setting tools. The size of the frac plug is small and the setting displacement is short;

(3) Compared with the sealed type dissolvable bridge plug with a rubber sleeve, it has “stronger low temperature resistance and higher high temperature resistance”, and it dissolves more thoroughly after fracturing, and truly realizes “fully dissolvable”;

(4) Compared with similar foreign products, it has obvious advantages of “small diameter sealing large wellbore”.

Working Principle

Wingoil all-metal dissolvable/soluble/disintegrating fracturing bridge plug is a kind of temporary isolation frac plug designed and manufactured with water-soluble materials. It is mainly composed of a throwaway screw, top wire, ceramic column, O-ring, sealing ring, lower support, slips. take-off ring and other components. While working, Wingoil all-metal dissolvable/soluble/disintegrating frac plug is connected to the adapter of the plug-feeding tool by the throw-away screw, and Wingoil all-metal dissolvable/soluble/disintegrating frac plug is sent to the design setting position by using a cable or coiled tubing.

After the position is determined by CCL calibration, the plug-feeding tool is ignited or the ground is pumped into liquid. The vertebral body is pushed by the gas pressure generated by the gunpowder column or the hydraulic pressure generated by the pumped liquid, and the hand-off ring restricts the movement of the soluble frac plug mandrel. The mandrel and the vertebral body are relatively displaced, and the soluble bridge plug vertebral body moves downwards, so that the vertebral body pushes the sealing ring and the slip cone. The sealing ring is deformed by the thrust, and after expansion, the inner cavity of the sleeve is sealed and clamped at the same time. The inclined surface of the tile extends outwards, and the slips bite the inner wall of the casing to achieve anchoring; when the thrust reaches 120-130KN or more, Wingoil all-metal soluble bridge plug has been completely set and anchored, and the mandrel of the plug-feeding tool is pulled. When the hand-off screw is disconnected from the hand-off ring, the plug-feeding tool is disconnected from the all-metal soluble bridge plug to realize the hand-off. The hand-off screw is pulled out with the plug-feeding tool. After the Wingoil all-metal soluble bridge plug is set, the channel of the bridge plug’s inner cavity is closed by the inserted sphere in a single flow. The fluid can only flow upward from the bottom and the upper fluid is blocked. Wingoil all-metal soluble bridge plug is closed during fracturing.

After fracturing is completed, the fluid in the lower interval can flow through the single-flow channel to perform normal blasting or production. During the blasting and production process, Wingoil all-metal soluble frac plug degrades and dissolves in the wellbore fluid and disappears naturally.

Operation Manual 

When the bridge plug is used for plugging operations, before the tool goes down the well, the wellbore must be fully cleared, scraped and cleaned to ensure the smooth flow of the wellbore.

Before the tool goes down the well, strictly check the assembly status of the plug-feeding tool. The connection of each part must be firm, and the outer cylinder of the plug-feeding tool must be adjusted to completely abut the shoulder of the mandrel.

When using pipe string or cable feeding, the lowering speed must be strictly controlled, and the feeding speed should be controlled within 30m/min. It is strictly forbidden to lift or release suddenly and other strong impacts. When pumping is adopted, the recommended pumping displacement is 1.8-2m3/min.

When used in staged fracturing wells, the displacement amount must be accurately measured to ensure that all sand in the casing of the plugging section is removed.

When using hydraulic plug feeding operation, the pump injection pressure is 5MPa step by step, and each step stops for 1 minute to ensure stable setting.

Operation Precautions 

 It is strictly forbidden to send the bridge plug before the wellbore sand is cleaned after fracturing sand plugging.

When there is an abnormal situation in horizontal well pumping, the reason should be analyzed, and if it is confirmed that there is no early setting, the displacement should be appropriately increased for pumping.

It must be placed in the protective box during transportation, and strong collision is strictly prohibited.

It must be stored in a cool and dry environment.

The tool must not be used when there is local deformation or abnormal state on the outer surface of the tool.

ModelOD (mm)Casing ID (mm)Working Pressure (MPa)Setting ToolTemperature Range
HHDY257R-85-70-H285φ98-φ10270Baker #1050 to 180℃
HHDY257R-88-70-H288φ99-φ10470Baker #1050 to 180℃
HHDY257R-98-70-H298φ104-φ11570Baker #2050 to 180℃
HHDY257R-102-70-H2102φ110-φ11570Baker #2050 to 180℃
HHDY257R-108-70-H2108φ121-φ12470Baker #2050 to 180℃

Max. test pressure600 to 900 bar / 60 to 90 MPa
Rated working pressure difference35/50/70 MPa
Max. working temperature50°C to 180°C
Min. setting load100 KN
Max. setting load160 KN
Max. drop load140 KN
Water-soluble medium0.5 to 3% chloride ion liquid
Sealing stability period24 hours
Loss of sealing time2 to 3 days
Completely water soluble time6 to 10 days
Setting and feeding methodCable or hydraulic feeding
Applicable wellbore conditionsVertical wells and horizontal wells without direct contact with acidic operating environment
Setting tool modelBaker #10 or #20 setting tool

Warranty 1 Year Applicable Industries Energy & Mining

After Warranty Service:

Video technical support, Online support

Local Service Location:


Showroom Location:


Video outgoing-inspection:


Machinery Test Report:


Marketing Type:

New Product 2020

Warranty of core components:

1 Year

Core Components:



Downhole tool


Bridge plug


Soluble material, polymer degradable material,high strength ceramic

Working pressure:


Outside Diameter:

95mm – 146mm


Hydraulic pressure

Degradation time:

15-25 days




Shale gas exploration, horizontal well and high deviated well


High Effective

Supply Ability:

1000 Set/Sets per Month



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Plywood carton




1. Throwing Screw     2. Top Wire     3. Ceramic Column     4. Seal Ring     5. O-ring     6. Cone

7. Slips                      8. Spindle       9. Lower Support       10. Hand off Ring     11. Connecting Nut 

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Aluminum magnesium alloy processing
Aluminum magnesium alloy processing
Aluminum magnesium alloy processing
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Various specifications of soluble materials
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