Disintegrating Frac Plug Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools

Model: WY-453

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01-Self-made multi-strength soluble metal manufacturing, dissolution time on demand transformation

The main body of our company’s soluble bridge plugs is made of self-developed multi-strength soluble magnesium metal composite. After the core material composite application, the dissolution time of the whole machine is completely consistent, no residue, no toxicity, according to the on-site water quality and work. It is necessary to adjust the formula at any time to change the unique advantage of dissolution time.

  • ●  Solved the problem of material strength stability at high temperatures.
  • ●  The maximum compressive strength of high temperature is adjustable from 550 to 650 MPa.
  • ●  The modulus of elasticity is about 70~80 KN/mm2.
  • ●  It can be used for sliding sleeves with a range of 1/10 in.
Disintegrating Frac Plug Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools

02-Self-developed high-strength degradable rubber cylinder for quick release of pluggin

Disintegrating Frac Plug Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools

The fully soluble bridge plug rubber cylinders are all made of self-developed high-strength degradable materials. Since the materials are uniquely produced by our company and have the advantages of effective control of degradation start-up time and degradation time, six temperature series products have been formed.

Disintegrating Frac Plug Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools

Partial sol-tube performance parameter table

TypeRJ001 – ARJ001 – BRJ001 – CRJ001 – D
Stable time h48484848
Degradation time (days)15151515
Working temperature°C60-8080-100100-120120-150

03-Total solution and no residual fracturing bridge plug

Our company’s dissolvable bridge plug adopts unique high-strength disintegratable ceramic anchor teeth, the highest strength reaches 1250MPa, which can meet the reliable anchoring of high-strength casings such as P110 and P105. The stable period is more than 15 days, and the stable period is stable. After that, the anchor teeth can be automatically broken and dispersed into pieces smaller than 2mm according to the design parameters, thereby ensuring that the residual solid phase of the anchor teeth can be discharged with the production liquid, and become a true total solution and no residual fracturing bridge plug.     

Disintegrating Frac Plug Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools

04-Special setting pressure design protection, effectively prevent mid-setting

The dissolvable bridge sikava adopts high-strength limit locking structure and integral hydraulic dispersion design to ensure that the tonnage of the setting is higher than 30KN (speed of 4000m/h state impact force), so that the tool can be pumped and down. Effectively prevent mid-sealing and ensure operation safety

05-Upper and lower two-way kava anchoring structure, effectively preventing the bridge plug from moving up during production

The bridge plug is anchored on the anchoring structure, and the upper and lower slips are bidirectionally anchored to the sleeve structure, so that the bridge plug is reliably locked in the position of the sleeve section after the setting, thereby preventing the bridge plug from being loosened by hydraulic shock and move up, resulting in blockage of the wellbore during production.

06-The overall diversion design prevents the sealing ball from moving up and blocking

In order to effectively ensure the flow of the solution and prevent the lower soluble ball from blocking the bridge plug production channel after moving up, the design adopts a multi-hole opening structure, and the diversion hole and the flow are designed at the position of the bridge plug cone, the mandrel and the lower joint. The tank has a total flow area larger than the inner passage to ensure smooth flow of the production and dissolution liquid channels.

07-Threaded quick-dissolving ring to ensure emergency handling when release errors

The bridge plug release ring is designed for threaded release joints. It uses a quick-dissolving material and uses a load-thread release structure that dissolves quickly in 2% of the salt solution for 36-54 hours to unlock the bridge release lever. When a release error occurs, the bridge plug can lock the error release by natural dissolution. At the same time, the structural design is designed with the soluble release joint load thread pull-pull as the main body, and no insoluble parts remain in the well after release.

08-Perfect exception handling technology to make application risk lowe

Disintegrating Frac Plug Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools

In the application process, the general bridge plugs often have special conditions such as abnormal setting, jamming, and sand-buried bridge plugs. According to the material characteristics, our products are equipped with acid fast solution and fast-dissolving and easy-drilling material structure. When the bridge plug cannot be dissolved according to the design and cannot be treated by the instant solution technology, it can quickly release the plug and restore the normal state of the wellbore. The rapid processing technology that is unique to the all-in-one bridge plug has been fully utilized.

Computer Acquisition System And Software

Disintegrating Frac Plug Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools
Disintegrating Frac Plug Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools

Specifications and Models

ModelOuter Diameter(mm)Inner Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Operating Temperature
Pressure Difference
Casing Inner Diameter

Performance Data

Max test pressure60-90MPa
Rated working pressure difference35/50/70MPa
Max working temperature120, 150°C
Min setting force100KN
Max setting force140KN
Max releasing force140KN
Medium0.5-2% KCL salt solution
Blocking period36 hours
Releasing dissolution time5-7 days
Complete dissolution time15-25 days
Setting and feeding methodcable or hydraulic feed
Conditions suitable for wellborevertical and horizontal wells without direct contact with acidic working environment
Setting tool modelWeatherford HST or AH, Baker Hughes E-4, NO.20, (Wingoil) WYSS-1, DWYSS-1 setting tool

Mechanical Properties of Partially Soluble Metal Materials

Compressive strength (MPa)300380480600
Tensile strength (MPa)310390470520
Working temperature(℃)180180180180