Basic Pneumatic Driven Needle Valves

Wingoil pneumatic control valve series uses low pressure compressed air (75psi) as the power to push the cylinder to control the on-off of ultra-high pressure fluid in the valve body, which has two forms: normally open and normally closed. There are 6 types of valve body connection port positions, which meet various connection requirements.

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The needle valve provides maximum safety and reliability. Even under adverse operating conditions, the valve can be installed in any direction and can effectively seal gas and liquid media. The maximum working pressure can reach: 60000 psi (4140 bar). Products with switch position sensing can be provided: HI type, convenient for remote control.

The valve body is made of 316 material, and the pressure bearing parts are made of high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The hard sealing valve needle matched with the valve port is made of 17-4PH or hard alloy. The valve needle and valve stem are non-rotating design, wear-resistant, long life, and meet various working conditions. All needle valves record the reliability of the serial number. Provide complete traceability of all pressure retaining parts.

SI-type Pneumatic Driven Needle Valves Features

  • Piston-type pneumatic valves offer unique and reliable designs that are longer than diaphragm valves.
  • Suitable for high-pressure gas and liquid control system or test system.
  • The spring returns the air to open or close

Main Technical Parameters

Actuator maximum allowable working pressure100 psi (6.89 bar)
Allowable piston temperature range-29°C ~ 93°C(-20°F ~ 200°F)
Maximum working pressure60,000 psi (4,137 bar)
Working mediumGas, oil, and water
Standard operating temperature-30℃ ~ 150℃ (-22°F ~ 302°F)

Pressure Tube-Ø Orifice 2-Way Staraight 2-Way Angel 3-Way 2 3-Way 1 3-Way ,2-Stem Manfoldon   pressure 2-Way Angel/Replaceable-
on   pressure  on pressure seat
Kpsi 1/4” 2.8mm SI20121-NC/NO SI20122-NC/NO SI20123-NC/NO SI20124-NC/NO SI20125-NC/NO SI20126-NC/NO
3/8” 4.5mm SI20131-NC/NO SI20132-NC/NO SI20133-NC/NO SI20134-NC/NO SI20135-NC/NO SI20136-NC/NO
9/16” 7mm SI20141-NC/NO SI20142-NC/NO SI20143-NC/NO SI20144-NC/NO SI20145-NC/NO SI20146-NC/NO
30Kpsi 1/8” 1.2mm SI30111-NC/NO SI30112-NC/NO SI30113-NC/NO SI30114-NC/NO SI30115-NC/NO SI30116-NC/NO
1/4” 2.4mm SI30121-NC/NO SI30122-NC/NO SI30123-NC/NO SI30124-NC/NO SI30125-NC/NO SI30126-NC/NO
3/8” 3.2mm SI30131-NC/NO SI30132-NC/NO SI30133-NC/NO SI30134-NC/NO SI30135-NC/NO SI30136-NC/NO
9/16” 3.5mm SI30141-NC/NO SI30142-NC/NO SI30143-NC/NO SI30144-NC/NO SI30145-NC/NO SI30146-NC/NO
60Kpsi 1/4” 2mm SI60121-NC/NO SI60122-NC/NO SI60123-NC/NO SI60124-NC/NO SI60125-NC/NO SI60126-NC/NO
3/8” 2mm SI60131-NC/NO SI60132-NC/NO SI60133-NC/NO SI60134-NC/NO SI60135-NC/NO SI60136-NC/NO
9/16” 3mm SI60141-NC/NO SI60142-NC/NO SI60143-NC/NO SI60144-NC/NO SI60145-NC/NO SI60146-NC/NO

control type working pressure Common code Outer diameter of connecting pipe Valve type Valve category Link type Valve application
SI Pneumatic needle valve 06  6000psi 1 1  1/8″O.D. 1 direct connection NC normal close No standard connection H High-temperature valve
10  10000psi 1 2  1/4″O.D. 2 right angle NO normally open T  NPT      L  Low temperature
20  20000psi 1 3  3/8″O.D. 3 Tee (one in and two out) F Precision throttle valve R  G、BSPP H 
30  30000psi 1 4  9/16″O.D. 4 Tee (one in and two out) H high temperature C  Rc、RT、ZG
60  60000psi 1 6  3/4″O.D. 5 Three-way two-control valve L Low temperature K Single ferrule
8  1″O.D. 6 Replaceable valve seat K Ferrule valve