Explosion-proof Pressure Testbay Box Has Been Successfully Shipped to Russia

Explosion-proof-Pressure-Testbay-Box - 7

The explosion-proof pressure testbay box is a set of system designed and developed according to the specific requirements of customers, with a maximum testing pressure of 15000 PSI. And it is equipped with a console that can record pressure values in real-time in the form of a curve chart and has segmented pressure regulation functions.


  • Medium: Water & Glycol
  • Box dimension: 18m*2m*1.5m (single section: 3m*2m*1.5m)
  • Max working pressure: 15000 PSI
  • Working voltage: 380V 50HZ
  • Water high pressure outlet: G1/4-60°
  • Water inlet: NPT1/2”
  • Cylinder outlet A and B: φ8mm
  • Number of cameras: 6 adjustable cameras with night vision function

Each pressure testbay box is packaged with pearl cotton and wrapping film, while the rest are wrapped with wrapping film and packed in their respective wooden boxes. The integrity of the goods and the tightness of the packaging can be achieved simultaneously.

In Wingoil, quality assurance and attentive service are always within our principles.

Explosion-proof Pressure Testbay Box - Preparing
Explosion-proof Pressure Testbay Box - Hoisting

Explosion-proof Pressure Testbay Box - Truck