Explosion-proof Pressure Testbay Box

  • Explosion-proof Pressure Testbay Box (PTB) is a type of a pressure test equipment for injection of different media such as clean water and glycol.
  • It has solid structure, strong impact resistance and wide pressure test range to meet high pressure test application in many industries.
  • It’s available to do pressure and temperature test for various pressure vessels, pipelines, valves, downhole tools, cylinder, etc.
  • As a kind of customized industrial product, our containerized Pressure Testbay Box have been served in chemical, construction, plumbing, petroleum, coal, smelting, shipbuilding and other industries.

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  • Suitable for pressure testing of various downhole tools, valves, pressure vessel, etc.
  • It can replace pressure testing workshops, pits, etc. as safety protection equipment.


  • It’s composed of high-strength steel plates and bulletproof insulation materials, which can meet the pressure protection requirements of high temperature and high pressure.
  • Due to its unique modular structure, it can be assembled according to the actual needs to adapt to different test workpiece requirements.
  • It’s installed with the PTZ fixed and movable camera, which can monitor the test workpiece in all directions.
  • It‘s equipped with the self-locking switch to prevent danger caused by people or foreign objects near the testbay box door during testing.
  • Its modular design and skid-mounted or vehicle-mounted design are adopted to facilitate equipment transfer and on-site operation.


  1. The control panel of the pressurization unit adopts a modular design, and the operation process is clear.
  2. The unit has the function of boosting clean water and glycol.
  3. Equipped with automated functions such as digital remote control, real-time data display, monitoring, generating experimental reports, and querying historical data.
  4. High strength protective wall made of steel plate, bulletproof fiber, interlayers and other comprehensive materials, so the thickness reaches 70 mm. Equipped with high-strength pressure test protection cabin, which can carry out explosion-proof safety prevention and control of high-pressure test.
  5. Remote PTZ video monitoring system to observe the on-site conditions and safety.
  6. Compressed air unit and pressure test unit are designed separately for ease of use.
  7. Having good pressure performance and matching performance.
  8. Install the necessary safety valves and pressure control components.
  9. Can be designed to meet your general safety design standards and specific needs.

1. Pressure Testbay Box

Explosion-proof Pressure Testbay Box
Working pressure1000 bar / 15,000 psi
Size18m*2m*1.5m (single section: 3m*2m*1.5m)
Weight12.7 T (single section: 2.1 T)
Thickness70mm (10+50+10)
Number of cameras6 adjustable cameras with night vision function
Lighting24V/100W led, quantity: 6
Door opening modeHydraulic cylinder telescopic opening
Door opening directionUpward (angle greater than 90°)

2. HPU

Explosion-proof Pressure Testbay Box - HPU - Main
Max working pressure1000 bar / 15,000 PSI
Working voltage380V 50HZ
Working mediumWater & Glycol
Water high pressure outletG1/4-60°
Water inletNPT1/2”
Air-driven interfaceNPT1/2”
Cylinder outlet A and Bφ8mm

3. Pre-fill Station

Explosion-proof Pressure Testbay Box - Pre-fill Station - Main
Water outlets2*NPT1”(F)
Outlet filtration40 μm

Explosion-proof Pressure Testbay Box-3
Explosion-proof Pressure Testbay Box-4
Explosion-proof Pressure Testbay Box-5
Explosion-proof Pressure Testbay Box-6
Explosion proof Pressure Testbay Box 7

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