Non-Marking Die Tooth Power Tong

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Product Description

Large, the contact surface is large, the friction is strong, the oil pipe is not damaged and not deformed, especially suitable for tubings and casings made of 3CRr, 22Cr and 13Cr materials.

  • 1. Fully hydraulically driven, the maximum torque can reach 50,000N.m, and it can hold the oil pipe with the diameter of up to 5″.
  • 2. Adopting two-plate type full-cohesion clamping mechanism, different specifications of the tubing body and coupling are equipped with corresponding curved arc plates, the surface of the tubing clamped is absolutely free of tooth marks, no stress concentration phenomenon, avoiding underground Secondary accident.
  • 3. When the shackle is shackled, the back tongs will float in parallel with the main tongs, and the centering will be automatically centered to avoid the adverse effects caused by the main back tongs unbalanced to the thread and avoid the phenomenon of sticking.
  • 4. The new toothless tooth is made of special plastic material. It does not slip and does not damage the oil pipe. The primary protective film holds at least 30 oil pipes. Even if it is slippery due to the tightness of the clamp, it will not hurt the oil pipe surface.
  • 5. The automatic torque control system has high precision in torque value setting, control, storage and printing.
  • 6. The safety door is operated by mechanical control, which is simple, safe, more stable and convenient.
Non-Marking Die Tooth Power Tong Frac Plugs

Power Tong(MXQ140/12Y)

Applicable pipe diameter range
Main pliersФ73-140(27/8″ – 51/2″ tubing, casing)
Back tongsФ89-153.7(27/8″ – 51/2″ tubing, casing coupling)
Clamp head speed
Fast file25 rpm
Slow10 rpm
Maximum torque
Fast file6.1 kN.m
Slow file14.9 kN.m
Rated pressure14 MPa
Rated flow120 L/min
Dimensions1300 × 750 × 1100 mm (length × width × height)
Weight1080 kg

Torque Meter(NKY-Y153)

Power supply voltage220V AC ±15% 50 to 60HZ
Power consumption200W Max.
Control rangecan be set
Unloading discharge80L/min
SizeLaptop 340 × 280 × 38MM
Power signal converter 210 × 75 × 270MM
Torque display 148 × 126 × 48MM
Packing volume 600 × 450 × 320MM

Hydraulic Power Unit (JZYD160)

Max oil supply pressure20Mpa
Rated oil supply pressure8Mpa/20Mpa
Motor power30Kw
Oil pump model25/80YCY14-1B
Cooler modelAH1490-cd2
Dimension1880 × 1250 × 1350mm
Non-Marking Die Tooth Power Tong Frac Plugs
Non-Marking Die Tooth Power Tong Frac Plugs

Portable Torque Meter(WY-12) Features

  • Portable Torque Meter (WY-12) It consists of the following seven parts: laptop, power adapter, torque controller, load cell, speed sensor, solenoid valve, communication cable.
  • ●  se a strain sensor to measure torque without adding hydraulic oil.
  • ●  Cooperate with the solenoid valve on the hydraulic station to achieve automatic control of the upper buckle torque.
  • ●  Use photoelectric encoder to record the number of turns and the speed.
  • ●  The process parameters of the buckle can be set according to the operation requirements.
  • ●  Suitable for round threaded buckles.
  • ●  Applicable to VAM TOP, BGT1, FOX, 3SB and other special threaded buckles, can detect and record tightening torque, shoulder torque (Note: the same as the “shoulder torque” below, the same term used in translation), shoulder number , shoulder torque ratio.
  • ●  Display, control, and record the buckled process data, and record the buckle process data on the memory for later query.
Non-Marking Die Tooth Power Tong Frac Plugs


Non-Marking Die Tooth Power Tong Frac Plugs

Main Technical Parameters

Supply voltage220V AC
Power supply frequency50 HZ
Working voltage24V DC
Power consumption≤200W
Measurement and control accuracy≤1%
Ambient temperature-40°C to +60°C
Ambient humidity≤80%
  • Scope:
Non-Marking Die Tooth Power Tong Frac Plugs
The wall thickness of the tubing is 5.5mm. After beingclamped many times, it will bite the surface of the tubingand cause stress deformation, which will cause crackingafter bearing.
Non-Marking Die Tooth Power Tong Frac Plugs
Tubing after being clamped by ordinary teeth die
The tubing body that is clamped by ordinary teeth die andthe block is slipped
Non-Marking Die Tooth Power Tong Frac Plugs
Comparison of toothless slip and normal block clamping
Non-Marking Die Tooth Power Tong Frac Plugs
Non-Marking Die Tooth Power Tong Frac Plugs

Main Forceps

ItemModelDrawing numberDescriptionQty
1MXQ140-11MXQ140/12Y.1.4Safety door assembly1
2MXQ140-12MXQ140/12Y.1.2Clamp head assembly1
3MXQ140-13MXQ140/12Y.1.5Suspension rod assembly1
4MXQ140-14MXQ140/12Y.1.3Brake belt1
5MXQ140-15MXQ140/12Y.1.6Wheel assembly2
6MXQ140-16MXQ140/12Y.1.7Triple gear assembly1
7MXQ140-17MXQ140/12Y.1.8Input shaft assembly1
8MXQ140-18MXQ140/12Y.1.1Housing assembly1
9MXQ140-19MXQ140/12Y.1.10>Control valve group1
10MXQ140-20NY12Torque control assembly1
11MXQ140-21XQ140/12YD.1.9Hanging gear assembly1
Non-Marking Die Tooth Power Tong Frac Plugs

Back Clamp

ItemModelDrawing numberDescriptionQty
1MXQ140-221MXQ140/12Y.2.1Back clamp head assembly1
2MXQ140-222MXQ140/12Y.2..2Back tong tail assembly1
3MXQ140-223MXQ140/12Y.2.3Bracket assembly1
4MXQ140-224MXQ140/12Y.2.4Load cell assembly1
Non-Marking Die Tooth Power Tong Frac Plugs
Non-Marking Die Tooth Power Tong Frac Plugs