Pressure calibration device


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Product Overview

The pressure scale device is to place the special instrument in the ground casing, and simulate the formation conditions of the special instrument under certain pressure and temperature, thereby verifying the performance of the instrument and marking.

Pressure calibration device


  • 1) The equipment adopts a modular design, compact structure and convenient transportation.
  • 2) All modules are centrally laid out for easy production and safety management.
  • 3) Using a gas-driven pump, it can output a stable pressure without additional energy consumption during the pressure-holding process.
  • 4) Can test multiple instruments at the same time

Pump Unit Technical Parameters

  • Size: 1200L × 750W × 1200L
  • Max flow: 3.2L/min
  • Max output pressure: 8Mpa
  • Safety valve pressure: 10Mpa
  • Needle valve max operating pressure: 20.6Mpa
  • Pressure gauge range: 16Mpa


  • Low-pressure water inlet: G3/4F (6-point female thread)
  • Exhaust outlet: G3/4F (6-point female thread)
  • Sewage outlet: G3/4F (6-point female thread)
  • Water inlet: G3/4F (6-point female thread)
  • High-pressure outlet: G1/4


FrameStainless Steel
Water tankStainless Steel
Pressure gaugeStainless Steel
ValveStainless Steel
TubeStainless Steel
ConnectionsStainless Steel
Hydraulic CylinderAnodized aluminum
PistonStainless Steel
Booster pump headStainless Steel
CabinetStainless Steel

Hydraulic Pressure Static Conditions (@7bar)

Air Pressure(bar)01234567
Hydraulic Pressure(bar)010203040506070
Output flow (theoretical)

General Layout Drawing

Pressure calibration device