Mobile Pressure Test Workshop

Model: WY-1050W-GJ2

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Product Overview

The mobile pressure test workshop is a set of pressure test equipment, data acquisition system, voice and video monitoring system in a small container, used to complete various types of pressure testing and injection. Due to the necessary lighting, heating and other ancillary facilities in the mobile pressure test room, it is especially suitable for field operations and the need to change the work site frequently.

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Mobile pressure test workshop


  • Infinitely variable output pressure and flow
  • Holds static pressure without generating heat or consuming power
  • When the set pressure is reached, the equipment automatically stops and is safe to use
  • Easy to transport and hoist;
  • Remote control
  • Real-time display of test data, data recording, and data check
  • Multi-angle video surveillance
  • With lighting, temperature control, and voice calls functions.
  • Capable of pressurizing liquids and gases;

Clear Water Pressure Test Parameters

Test mediumClear water
Low-pressure pump max output pressure6 Mpa
High-pressure pump max output pressure150 Mpa
Output interfaceG1/4-60°
Hose length15 meters (blue)
Hose pressure150 Mpa
Number of output interfaces1 with 2

Gas Pressure Test Parameters

Test mediumNitrogen, air
Max. output pressure75 Mpa
Output interfaceG1/4-60°
Hose length10 meters (color change)
Hose pressure75 Mpa
Number of output interfaces1 with 1
Nitrogen inlet hose length10 meters (black)
Nitrogen inlet threadG1/2

Hydraulic Oil Pressure Test Parameters

Max output pressure9 Mpa
Interface sizeM14×1.5
Hydraulic hose pressure25 Mpa
Number of hydraulic hoses4 every 15 meters (black)

Pressure Test Center Control Room

Weight1000 kg
Power supply220AC 50Hz


Air inlet1 inch
Clear water outputG1/4-60°
Gas outputG1/4-60°
Hydraulic oil outputG1/4-60°


FrameStainless Steel
Water tankStainless Steel
Pressure gaugeStainless Steel
ValveStainless Steel
TubeStainless Steel
ConnectionsStainless Steel
Hydraulic CylinderAnodized aluminum
PistonStainless Steel
Booster pump headStainless Steel
Workshop wallInsulation Materials
Air Pressure(bar)01234567
Hydraulic Pressure(bar)02505007501000125015001750
Output flow0.770.650.50.430.380.340.260.2

General Layout Drawing

Mobile pressure test workshop