Hydro Test Pump with Data Acquisition System

  • Product model: WY-700W-BJ1

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Product Overview

The multi-functional well control and pressure test system is used for tool downhole and ground pressure test. The equipment uses compressed air as the power source for rapid pressure detection, and has data display and electronic record requirements.

Product Features

  • ● Low-pressure compressed air as the booster power source, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • ● Infinitely variable output pressure and flow.
  • ● Holds static pressure without generating heat or consuming power.
  • ● No heat, flame or risk of spark.
  • ● Well proven and trouble-free operation.
  • ● Designed for ease of maintenance.
  • ● Low cost servicing.
  • ● Compact, robust, self-contained structure.
  • ● The outlet pressure reaches the set pressure, the equipment is automatically shut down, and the use is safe.
  • ● Remote observation and record of the flow curve.

Performance Data

Boost ratio1:100
MediumClean water, hydraulic oil
Max output pressure700bar / 10000psi
Max flow200L/H @7bar
Max air supply10bar/145psi
Max air pressure1000L/Min@7bar
Tank capacity20L
Hose length10 meters
Hose pressure1000bar
Caster size8 inch
Data logger chassis size617 × 469 × 291MM
Power supply220AC 50Hz
Input power24DC
Output signal4-20Ma
LanguageChinese / English

Product Connection

Air inlet1/2FNPT
High pressureG1/4M-60°
Water inletDN15

Product Construction

Frame and panelStainless steel
Pressure gaugeStainless steel
ValveStainless steel
TubeStainless steel
ConnectorStainless steel
Hydraulic cylinderAnodized aluminium
PistonStainless steel
Pump headStainless steel
TankStainless steel
Data Acquisition BoxPP alloy

Hydraulic Pressure Static Conditions(@7bar)

Air pressure(bar)01234567
Hydraulic pressure(bar)0100200300400500600700
Output flow(L/min)

General Layout Drawing