Hydro Test Pump with Hose Reel Skid

  • Product model: WY-2000W-J0A

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Product Overview

The chemical reagent injection system can be used to inject special chemical reagents into the blocked production wellhead to unblock the production wellhead. The device uses compressed air as the driving source and has low energy consumption. The pumps, valves and pipelines are all made of stainless steel and can withstand the harsh working conditions of high temperature and high pressure.

In order to meet different working environments and usage requirements, and convenient for transshipment, it is designed as two sets of portable packaging, which can be transported by humans or transported by related spreaders. The 40-meter high-pressure pipeline and the 20-meter drive air hose and reel are equipped with one tooling, and the chemical reagent injection system is a tooling. They can be used alone or in combination. The reel and pipeline are equipped to reduce the impact on the performance of the equipment due to geographical and distance factors.

Product Features

  • ● Low-pressure compressed air as the booster power source, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • ● Infinitely variable output pressure and flow.
  • ● Holds static pressure without generating heat or consuming power.
  • ● Pressure self-locking function, under the condition of setting the driving air pressure, the output pressure is constant.
  • ● Dual scale shockproof pressure gauge display.
  • ● Equipped with a high-precision flow regulating valve to meet the chemical injection with high flow requirements.
  • ● Equipped with a hose reel skid, easy for transportation.
  • ● Equipped with a 316L buffer accumulator to effectively reduce the outlet pulse and facilitate the customer to monitor the flow.
  • ● No heat, flame or risk of spark.
  • ● Well proven and trouble-free operation.
  • ● Designed for ease of maintenance.
  • ● Low cost servicing.
  • ● Compact, robust, self-contained structure.

Performance Data

Pressure ratio1:100
Test mediumLiquid chemicals
Max output pressure830bar/12035psi
Max flow3.62L/min @7bar
Max air pressure10bar/145psi
Air consumption1000L/Min@7bar
Tank capacity20L
Dimension800L*450W*550H (mm)

More Parameters

Air Hose Reel Skid

Length20 meters

High Pressure Hose Reel Skid

Pressure30,000 psi
Length10 meters
Dimension800W × 450W × 550H (mm)

Product Connections

Driven air inletG1/2
High pressure outlet1/2NPT
Tank inletDN50

Product Construction

Frame and panelStainless steel
TankStainless steel
Pressure gaugeStainless steel
ValveStainless steel
TubeStainless steel
ConnectorStainless steel
Hydraulic cylinderAnodized aluminium
PistonStainless steel
Pump headStainless steel

Hydraulic Pressure Static Conditions(@7bar)

Air pressure(bar)
Hydraulic pressure(bar)040100200300400500600
Output flow(L/min)3.623.022.561.811.511.211.060.9

General Layout Drawing

Hydro Test Pump With Hose Reel Skid
Hydro Test Pump With Hose Reel Skid