Paper Chart Recorder Unit Portable Hydrostatic Test Pump

  • Product model: XWGJ-100

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Product Overview

The medium-circle automatic balance recorder is equipped with a certain transmitter for automatic measurement, indication and recording of the measured parameters, which can be widely used in the industries of textile, food, environmental protection, chemical, mining, metallurgy, petroleum, power generation, etc.

Product Features

  • The effective arc of the meter is 550mm in length and is equipped with a display pointer. The reading is clear and convenient.
  • The recording paper runs at a constant speed and is changed once a day, which is beneficial to the responsibility of the handover in daily production.
  • The structure is simple, the performance is stable and reliable, and it is easy to maintain.

Technical Parameters

Ambient temperature0~50°C
Relative temperature30%~85%
Working power supplyAC220V 50Hz
Display error±0.5%
Recording error±1%
Insensitive area0.25%
Scale full length550mm
Effective length of the mark on the recording paper87.5mm
Full travel time≤5s
Balanced bridge≤1.5KΩ
Recording paper feed speed24 hours / week
Power consumptionAbout 40W
Given error±1%

Product Construction

BodyCarbon steel

General Layout Drawing

Paper Chart Recorder Unit Portable Hydrostatic Test Pump