Portable Hydrostatic Pressure Pump With Oval Gear Meter

Model: WY-80J-J0

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This is a air-driven hydraulic booster injection device, equipped with a flow regulating valve and a buffer accumulator tank, which can adjust the flow rate with high precision and effectively reduce the pulse value of the flow meter pointer.

The equipment adopts pure mechanical elliptical gear flowmeter for petroleum industry, which is mainly used in petroleum, chemical and other industries. Its characteristics are high precision, pure mechanical metering, and no explosion-proof requirements.


Portable Hydrostatic Pressure Pump With Oval Gear Meter
  • ●  Low-pressure compressed air as the booster power source, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • ●  Equipped with 2 pumps, one for use and the other for standby, which can prevent the operation from being stopped due to the failure of only one pump;
  • ●  Infinitely variable output pressure and flow.
  • ●  Holds static pressure without generating heat or consuming power.
  • ●  Pressure self-locking function, under the condition of setting the driving air pressure, the output pressure is constant.
  • ●  Dual scale shockproof pressure gauge display.
  • ●  Equipped with a metering valve that can adjust the output pressure slightly and accurately control the output pressure.
  • ●  No heat, flame or risk of spark.
  • ●  Well proven and trouble-free operation.
  • ●  Designed for ease of maintenance.
  • ●  Low cost servicing.
  • ●  Compact, robust, self-contained structure.

Pressure ratio1:16
Test mediumOil or water
Max output pressure80 bar / 1200 psi
Max flow rate4L/min
Flow rate adjustment range1~4L/min
Max air pressure8 bar / 116 psi
Max air supply10bar / 145psi
Max air consumption600L/Min@7bar

Mechanical Flow Recorder

Flow detection range0.04~0.4 m³/h
Detecting medium viscosity2 to 200 MPa.s
Max working pressure25 bar / 2.5MPa
Accuracy level0.5
The minimum scale displayed by the pointer0.01L
The minimum scale displayed by the counter0.1L
ApplicationIt is used to measure the cumulative volume of medium circulation.
Dimension960L*500W*550H (mm)


Driven air inlet1/2″ NPT(F)
High pressure outlet1/4″ NPT (F)
Unloading port1/4″ NPT(F)
Media inlet1/2″ NPT(F)
High pressure relief port3/8″ NPT(F)


Frame and panelStainless steel
AccumulatorStainless steel
Pressure gaugeStainless steel
ValveStainless steel
TubeStainless steel
ConnectorStainless steel
Hydraulic cylinderAnodized aluminium
PistonStainless steel
Pump headStainless steel
SealCast iron

Hydraulic Pressure Static Conditions (@7bar)

Air pressure (bar)01.563.124.686.25
Hydraulic pressure (bar)0255075100
Output flow rate (L/min)2.832.452.071.410.57

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