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Pressure Testing And Injection Equipment Burst Pressure Test Equipment

Pressure Testing And Injection Equipment Burst Pressure Test Equipment

Pressure testing

Well unblocking

Chemical injection

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Pressure test, Well-sealing device, Christmas tree, Manifold, Anti-nozzle, Wellhead equipment; Unblocking, Chemical injection, Modular, Automatic recording, Remote control

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Product Overview

Chemical Injection System

Layout drawing

The system is used for injecting methanol or ethylene glycol into the fluid upstream of the nozzle pipe to prevent the formation fluid from freezing due to the pressure drop, which is one of the most effective means for unblocking the wellhead equipment.


The system uses a high-pressure gas-driven pump whose internal structure is made of a special material and is suitable for chemical reagents.

Maximum output pressure: 20000 PSI

Maximum displacement: 100L/H

Performance Data


DELL laptop, 1 HP printer 

  A/D capture card selects 32 single-ended, 16-channel double-ended, programmable sampling rate, display resolution: 1028*768.

  The function of the data acquisition control system can be fully remotely operated and controlled; all test pressure values are used for real-time data acquisition and display data.

  The curve can display the pressure test process in real time.

  The system has various function settings such as overpressure alarm, control, reading, curve and color.

  The pressure test data is saved by the database, which facilitates querying and repeating printing and displaying the pressure test process.

Wireless remote control and alarm system

The wireless transmitting antenna and alarm are installed on the top of the trailer, and the wireless remote control system can be operated remotely within 50 meters.

Product Features


  The pressure test medium is a liquid, and the hydraulic test of different pressure levels up to 150 MPa.

  Maximum displacement 240L/MIN.

  The whole test process is automatically controlled remotely by the laptop, and all test settings and operations can be completed in the automatic console.

  The computer automatically generates pressure and time curves, displays them in real time, stores various data, and prints inspection reports on site.

  When the system pressure is greater than 5Mpa, the sound and light alarm system starts to work, prompting the site personnel to stay away from the high pressure area, making the field operation safer and more standardized.

  Chemical injection unit, pressure and flow rate can be adjusted.

  Modular design, suitable for transportation and well site installation, diesel air compressors do not require power and electricity.

Performance Data



Max flow of the high pressure pump


Max flow of the high pressure pump


Working pressure

300-1500 bar

Test workpiece

Multiple outputs

Air supply pressure

8 bar

Air supply flow

3000 LN/min

Water tank


Combined test pump weight


Product Connection


High pressure outlet (PA)

G1/2 Female

Water filling outlet (PB)


High pressure relief valve (PC)

G1/2 Female

Structural Diagram

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