Wellhead Pressure Test Skid

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Compressed air supplied by diesel/hydraulic/motor compressor drives pressure booster for making high pressure testing medium. The completed equipment consists of power unit pry and pressure testing unit.


  • • SY/T5053.1~2000                • API Spec 6A /ISO 10423
  • • API Spec 16A/ISO 13533      • API Spec 16C 
  • • SY/T5127 ~ 2002


  • Large flow output and high pressure test efficiency.
  • Remote control system which can ensure safe operation at the site.
  • Switching between automatic and manual operation.
  • Multiple options of power sources: diesel engine, compressed air, and electric motor.
  • Equipped with an automatic control system and video monitoring system to meet the needs of operational pressure test requirements.
  • All high pressure valves, tubing, and pumps are made in Germany with 316SS to guarantee test precision and stability.
  • Use gas-driven booster pump to finish pressure boosting, and prevent from overcharging phenomenon incur in the other ways of boosting.


  • Pressure test medium: clean water, oil and mixed liquor
  • The maximum flow rate shall be 48L/min(12.66Gallon/min) while using a low-pressure large flow rate pump for quick charging.
  • Selective boosting pressure ranges are achieved quickly by various high-pressure small flow rates, 0 to 25Mpa, 0 to 55Mpa, 0 to 105Mpa, 0 to 160Mpa, 0 to 200Mpa (29000psi).
  • Pressure control precision: +/-1% FS
  • Use human-computer operation interface and long distance remote control.
  • Configuration software shall record real-time boosting curves and print the results.
  • Compact structure and easy operation. Put water tank, high-pressure pipeline, and boost equipment onto an integrated skid.
  • Control panel applies modular area design for simple and clear operation.
Wellhead Pressure Test Skid
Wellhead Pressure Test Skid 3

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