Valve Test Bench

  • This equipment can perform shell testing, upper seal testing, high-pressure water seal testing, and low-pressure air seal testing on valves.
  • Perfect function, stable performance, high degree of automation.

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Product Overview

  • The structure of this unit can be divided into hydraulic system, mechanical system, electrical control system, etc.
  • The unit is equipped with the hydraulic pressure supply device, the low-pressure water pump and the media circulating tank system and other components.
  • The high and low pressure water pumps are fixed in the front of the test bench to circulate the medium.
  • The pressure gauges, water control valves and electrical button switches are all designed to be operated and controlled in front of the test bench, which can coordinate the actions of various mechanisms, make operation convenient, safe and reliable, and meet the testing needs of users.

Technical Parameters

Test mediumWater (anti-corrosion water), air
Applicable valve typesStraight through type: Flange type, threaded type; safety valve
Working voltage380V 50HZ
Maximum test pressure37.5Mpa
Nominal pressure1.6-25MPa
Nominal diameterDN15-300/1”-12”
Design negative compression force100 T
Allowable test valve flange diameter15-530 mm

Schematic Diagram

Schematic Diagram