Burst Pressure Test Equipment Dual

  • Burst Pressure Test Equipment Dual
  • Hydrostatic Test Pump System
  • Model: WY-1050W-J2
  • Key words: Data recording, high pressure testing, mobile pressure test pump, pressure testing with water tank, water pressurization, hydraulic power unit, armored test pump, automatic pressure test, explosion proof test

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Product Overview

The skid can be used for pressure test on the wellhead, underground and on the ground. The equipment uses compressed air as the power source to quickly press the test medium, and can display, print and save the pressure curve.

Product Features

  • ● Flow chart of boosting etched on the control panel surface of the booster unit.
  • ● Adopts air-driven hydro pump as the boosting unit, which have pressure self-locking function and effectively avoid overpressure.
  • ● Stainless steel material withstanding harsh conditions.
  • ● The large-displacement low-pressure pump and the small-displacement high-pressure pump are configured to achieve functional control of different pressures, flows, and compression times.
  • ● With digital remote recording, real-time data display monitoring, issuing experimental reports, historical data check functions.
  • ● The electrical component interfaces are placed in the explosion-proof box.
  • ● The uniquely designed rope-retractor structure enables the coiling of the pipeline to be more regular and at the same time preliminary cleaning.

Performance Data

Test mediumClear water
Max output pressure of the low pressure pump80 bar / 8 Mpa
Max output pressure of the high pressure pump1500 bar / 150 Mpa
Max operating pressure of the system1050 bar / 105 Mpa
Max air pressure0.8Mpa
Explosion-proof gradeExdIIBT6Gb

Product Connection

Drive air inletG1/2M
High pressure outletG1/4M
Water injection inletG11/2
OverflowG1/2 (float valve can be installed)
Power interface220V two-wire system
Data line interfaceUSB2.0

Product Construction

PanelStainless steel
Explosion-proof cabinStainless steel
Pressure gaugeStainless steel
ValveStainless steel
TubeStainless steel
ConnectorStainless steel
Hydraulic cylinderAnodized aluminium
PistonStainless steel
Pump headStainless steel

Low Pressure Pump_Hydraulic Pressure Static Conditions(@7bar)

Air pressure (bar)01234567
Hydraulic pressure (bar)01503004506007509001050 
Output flow rate (L/min) 0.60.550.35 

General Layout Drawing

Burst Pressure Test Equipment Dual

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