Acid Injection Package

  • The Acid Injection Package serves the purpose of injecting a precise and accurate amount of acid medium into a system with the required back pressure, either continuously or intermittently.
  • This unit helps to increase production, reduce corrosion and to improve the process.

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Product Overview

Acid Injection Package is a piece of equipment designed to inject acid medium into a system at the required pressure for the system. The skid structure provides the structure itself for the system and is designed in such a way to protect the system while accommodating its various parts.


  • More cost effective
  • More space efficient
  • Feature greater safety
  • Can be fabricated and installed quickly
  • Provides greater quality assurance
  • Constructed in more controlled environments
  • Easy identification in asset management

Technical Parameters

Weight3.2 T
Ambient temperature-10 to 40 ℃
Maximum power consumption120 KW
Maximum oil consumption5.9 L
Fuel typeDiesel
Oil tank volume200 L
Output volumeGreater than or equal to 360m³/h


Acid Injection Package-Highlight
Acid Injection Package-Highlight
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