210MPa Chemical Injection Surface Package

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Product Overview

This set of equipment is mainly used for high-pressure injection of diesel and benzaldehyde. The device is a complete closed-loop system. According to the function, three skids are designed and divided. The main distinctions are as follows:

Model Name Main Technical Parameters Function Brief


Chemical Reagent Injection Skid Pressure: 210MPa
Flow: 3.38L/min
Self-contained equipment can only inject chemical reagents into the system
WY-100-J2 Explosion-proof Air Compressor Skid Pressure: 1MPa
Displacement: 2.3m³/min
Explosion-proof and energy-saving air compressors
WY-1000L Chemical Reagent Storage Tank Skid Volume: 1000L Liquid storage tank with heating, heat preservation, and stirring

Note: The equipment is a high-temperature and high-pressure injection system, please read this manual carefully before using the equipment. This practical manual mainly focuses on the use of safety and manual operation, and the automatic control is provided by a special manual for reference.