210MPa Chemical Injection Surface Package

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This set of equipment is mainly used for high-pressure injection of chemical reagent such as diesel and benzaldehyde. The device is a complete closed-loop system consisting of three skids: Chemical Injection Skid, Chemical Reagent Storage Tank Skid, and Explosion-proof Air Compressor Skid.


  • Mainly used for high-pressure continuous injection of paraffin inhibitor, diesel, antifreeze and other chemical reagents in oil and gas wells.
  • It can also be used as the ultra-high pressure test equipment for pressure testing of oil casing, BOP, and so on.


  • With automatic and manual pressure adjustment function.
  • With pressure and flow rate curve display and automatic recording function.
  • The storage tank has automatic heating and liquid filling functions.
  • The components adopt ExdII BT4 or above explosion-proof grade, which is safer and more reliable.
Model Name Main Technical Parameters Function Brief


Chemical Reagent Injection Skid Pressure: 210MPa
Flow: 3.38L/min
Self-contained equipment can only inject chemical reagents into the system
WY-100-J2 Explosion-proof Air Compressor Skid Pressure: 1MPa
Displacement: 2.3m³/min
Explosion-proof and energy-saving air compressors
WY-1000L Chemical Reagent Storage Tank Skid Volume: 1000L Liquid storage tank with heating, heat preservation, and stirring

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