Integrated Grease Injection Package

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Product Overview

The integrated grease injection package is a set of high-viscosity grease injection systems produced by Chongqing Weiyun Technology Development Co., Ltd. for customers. The equipment uses compressed air as the power source to inject grease at high pressure and quickly to meet the requirements of sealing operations.

Equipment Features

  • The control panel of the booster unit adopts a modular design, and the operation process is clear at a glance.
  • The organic combination of a manual book and pneumatic pump can realize different injection function requirements.
  • The corrosion operation of the stainless steel operation panel can keep outdoor use in harsh environments for a long time.
  • The equipment is a closed structure, which can better protect the equipment components.

Design Flow Chart

Before use, connect the driving air pipeline, grease injection pipeline, etc., and the operation requirements can be realized through simple operations. The principle is shown in the following figure:

schematic diagram

System Technical Parameters

Grease pump maximum output pressure70 Mpa
Maximum output pressure of manual pump70 Mpa
Maximum operating pressure of driving air1 Mpa
Fuel tank volume270 L
Empty weight1010 KG