Portable Small Gas Booster Hydrostatic Test Pump

Model: WY-700W-BJ1

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Product Overview

This is a portable pump device that can be used for gas injection, gas pressure test, gas pressurization, gas amplification, etc. It has a compact structure and the overall no-load design weight is only 50kg.

The body, valves and pipelines are made of stainless steel and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. This set of equipment is suitable for gas media, used in factories, chemicals, construction, plumbing, petroleum, coal, smelting, shipbuilding and other industries.

Product Features

Portable Gas Booster Portable Hydrostatic Test Pump
  • AB02 gas amplifier is a patented product with independent intellectual property rights, which can double the gas, output flow up to 513LN/min, less exhaust gas and low energy consumption.
  • Pressure self-locking function, under the condition of setting the driving air pressure, the output pressure is constant.
  • Dual scale shockproof pressure gauge display.
  • Portable, lightweight, easy to transport and move.

Performance Data

Pressure ratio1:2
Test mediumOil or water
Max output pressure12bar
Max flow513LN/min@7bar driven air
Min air inlet pressure1bar
Max air pressure6.9 bar
Valve rated pressure6000PSI
Pipe rated pressure1000PSI

Product Connections

Drive air inlet1/2″ NPT (F)
Gas outlet1/2″ NPT (F)
Portable Gas Booster Portable Hydrostatic Test Pump

Product Construction

Frame and panelStainless steel
Pressure gaugeStainless steel
ValveStainless steel
TubeStainless steel
ConnectorStainless steel
Hydraulic cylinderAnodized aluminium
PistonStainless steel
Pump headStainless steel

General Layout Drawing

Portable Gas Booster Portable Hydrostatic Test Pump