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200 tons of pressure testing machine, sponge brick 2000 kn sponge brick compressive strength testing machine, 200 tons of sponge brick pressure testing equipment, 2

by:Wingoil     2020-03-29
Product introduction: 200 tons of pressure testing machine is mainly aimed at Yu Haimian sponge brick, bread brick, brick road brick compressive strength, bending, mechanical properties such as compressive strength test, the testing machine is specialized in producing all kinds of mechanical properties testing equipment. Technical parameters: large zui test force 2000 kn test force or less relative error value & plusmn; 1% platen size & phi; φ225 mm; 300 mm top and bottom clamp zui big span 320 mm piston zui stroke 30 mm piston diameter & phi; 250 mm hydraulic pump power three-phase 0 40 mpa pressure rated power. 75 kw after-sales service: 1, the orderer upon the acceptance of formal, as the formal delivery of the goods. 2, 3 bag period are the equipment formal one year from the date of delivery. 3, in 3 packets of period, the supplier of equipment of all kinds of fault timely maintenance service free of charge. 4, the non-artificial damage caused by all kinds of parts, free replacement in a timely manner. 5, the warranty equipment in use process fails, the supplier in a timely manner to the orderer services, actively assist the orderer for maintenance tasks. 6, installation and debugging: the free installation and debugging, the goods according to the scheduled plan and the actual needs of users, and installation and debugging the installation scheme is set. 7, installation, free to provide all the necessary documents and materials about this project. 8, free to regular inspection, to solve problems in time, free customer trouble back at home.
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