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染料, 2000 concrete pressure testing machine is according to the national standard GB/T50081 - 2002 'ordinary concrete mechanics

by:Wingoil     2020-03-27
染料, 2000 concrete pressure testing machine operation procedures: 1, connected the power cord, selected the right gear, press 'set' key, to carry on the system Settings, such as do not need to adjust, directly on to the next step operation. 2, press the 'reset' button, into the specimen, on the center position, and then turn the handwheel, adjusting screw, pressure plate spacing on the specimen about 5 mm, according to the 'start' button to start the motor ( Bright red signal lights, if not will not display rate, test data can't save and print) 。 3, close the oil return valve, slowly open the valve, according to the requirement of load rate control, until the specimen fracture. 4, open the oil return valve, close the valve, remove specimen pieces at the same time. By the same method. In the second block, the third piece of specimen. 5, open the unloading oil return valve, press 'print' to print out all test content, test over, press the 'stop' key to stop the motor, and shut off the power. 6, doing the same block size test, don't turn the handwheel, free piston, such not only ensure the test accuracy, and save time. 7, when the piston is beyond range ( About 20 mm) , close to switch protection, press stop working, and should then open the oil return valve handle, make piston drops a distance, and then test again. 8, testing machine in working process, the abnormal situation when the control system, please shut off the power switch directly. 9, machine shell must be safety grounding. Split open a case after pressure testing machine, the body has a nylon plug hoisting threaded hole on the cover, open the nylon plug, will be randomly with a hoisting screw precession M20 threaded hole, hoisted to a region of the preset with lifting machinery. ( Handling, pay attention to the machine section), In order to convenient operation, the machine should be placed in 720 mmx600mm precast cement based on 300 mm above the ground. Machine to levels after installation, clean and cotton soaked in kerosene, wipe on the machine processing and surface coated by anti-rust agent, then clean the surface and apply a thin layer of machine oil. ( 1) Filling with screwdriver twist screw fixation on HouGaiBan and remove HouGaiBan, the tank cover & phi; Bring a 40 mm hole location machine oil; Oil filling quantity in order to achieve the central location advisable; Finished oil HouGaiBan on the back cover. Note: when ambient temperature is 15 & plusmn; Use the GB443-5 ℃ 84 n68 machine oil when the environment temperature is 25 & plusmn; Use the GB443-5 ℃ 84 n100 machine oil ( 2) Electrical connection plug random power plug on the corresponding socket. The power supply of 380 v, 50 hz. ( 3) Start the pump exhaust open the oil return valve, oil valve to open. Switch the machine on, the screen in random state. Press the 'start' button, start the motor, oil pump start to work, continue to work for about a minute after close the oil return valve, can be found at this time press table slowly rising, the pressure plate to rise to about 20 mm, close to send oil valve and open the oil return valve, the press table in the down state. Repeat the above steps 3 ~ 4 times can completely eliminate gas inside the system. Concrete pressure testing machine maintenance and maintenance: 1. Concrete pressure tester when using power supply voltage must be accurate; 2. Sensors connected to the host of the cable shall not have the middle joint, in case of damaged need to replace the cable, and wiring are correct; 3. Must be procedures as stipulated in the instruction manual operation. 4. Operations are strictly prohibited under the pressure plate over the piston stroke. 5. After a long work seal failure and may lead to serious oil leakage of oil cylinder should follow the following method to replace seal at this time. ( 1) Remove the pressure plate and dust cover; ( 2) With only 2 M12 lifting bolt hanging out after the piston cylinder wall sealing ring, ring down; ( 3) Change into a new sealing ring, ring, and carefully into the piston, cover the bearing plate, when not in use keep the surface smooth, clean, shall not be damaged, shaving and impurities.
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