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5000 n gas spring performance test rig, 5 kn gas spring tensile testing machine, 5000 n gas spring pressure testing machine, 5000 n

by:Wingoil     2020-04-11
5000 n gas spring pressure testing machine product introduction: 5000 n gas spring pressure testing machine is mainly used for gas spring performance test was made and used gas spring industry departments, colleges, and research the necessary test equipment. Can automatically complete the whole cycle test environment of gas spring, can also be a separate determination of some parameters of gas spring, and automatically print out the test results. Weeks, gas spring testing machine is suitable for the gas spring tension, stress and displacement and curve of test and analysis. 5000 n gas spring pressure testing machine performance characteristics: 1, the test results of the test data and the force displacement curve screen display. 2, curve traversal: can point to check the test curve of strength and deformation data. 3, local amplification curve analysis of the amplification, can be arbitrary. 4, printing content: specimen parameters, test data and curve, test reports, etc. 5, transmission system, servo motor control system of ball screw transmission. 6, through the deformation, deformation height, strength test, through the force value measuring height 7 can carry on the sorting to the spring, gas spring testing machine, select the qualified spring 8, gas spring testing machine can print data 5000 n gas spring pressure testing machine technical parameters: type ZCQY - W50N ZCQY - W500N ZCQY - Large W5000N style single arm type zui test force n, 500 n, 5000 n range of 2-50 100% accuracy test force & plusmn; Displacement resolution 0 1%. 01 mm displacement measurement accuracy & plusmn; 1% tensile trip test schedule compression stroke 1000 mm 1000 mm, 1000 mm displacement speed control range 1 mm/min to 500 mm/min step adjustable displacement speed control precision & plusmn; Level 1 level deformation or less of error of 1% testing machine & plusmn; ( 50 + 0. 15 l) Machine size 520 * 260 * 1700 mm appearance should conform to the requirements of the GB/T2611 systematic conform to the requirements of the standard mechanical protection, application double protection power supply of 220 v, 50 hz weight 120 kg
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