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9 Best Downhole Tools Jobs

by:Wingoil     2020-10-18

Controlling the discharge of chemical components in properly treating fluidsApril, 2001Reddy et al. Method of increasing bus loading capacityFebruary, 2001Henderson et al.

Through tubing gravel pack system and methodology of gravel packingAugust, 1999Lehr et al.D412062Storage containerJuly, 1999Potter et al. Compostable multilayer structures, methods for manufacture, and articles prepared therefromDecember, 1998El-Afandi et al. Fire protection apparatus for a constructing structureNovember, 1998Jones et al. Shaped-cost slicing system for piles and underwater tubular membersAugust, 1998Kiesler Well drilling and servicing fluids which deposit an simply detachable filter cakeJuly, 1998Dobson, Jr. et al.

Sand management without requiring a gravel pack screenSeptember, 1996Nelson et al. Firing HeadJuly, 1996Mohaupt Downhole device equipment with non-metallic packer element retaining shoesJuly, 1996Branch et al. Pressure actuated pipe cutting toolMay, 1996Mulcahy Firing head connected between a coiled tubing and a perforating gun adapted to move freely within a tubing string and actuated by fluid pressure within the coiled tubingApril, 1996Huber et al. Control of particulate flowback in subterranean wellsMarch, 1996Card et al. Control of particulate flowback in subterranean wellsMarch, 1996Nguyen et al.

Control of nice particulate flowback in subterranean wellsJuly, 1998Weaver et al. Process for the preparation of 3-(α-methoxy)methylenebenzofuranones and intermediates thereforJune, 1998Jones et al. Telephone name monitoring technique and apparatusApril, 1998Black et al. Vehicle rolling shutter with door-ajar and compartment light switchFebruary, 1998Krenkel et al. Dissolvable grip or seal arrangementJanuary, 1998Head Downhole tool apparatus and technique of limiting packer factor extrusionDecember, 1997Hushbeck et al.

Injection molded degradable casing perforation ball sealersNovember, 1999Ischy et al. Process for forming watering notches in an irrigation ditch and equipment tailored to be used with the processNovember, 1999Smith Chip resistant buttons for downhole tools having slip elementsNovember, 1999Yuan et al. Methods and equipment for completing wells in unconsolidated subterranean zonesAugust, 1999Nguyen et al.

Multicomponent fiberDecember, 1997Tsai et al.D387865LancetDecember, 1997Peckham et al. Explosive displacing bore hole tubeNovember, 1997Turner Temporary plug systemNovember, 1997GanoD381024Directional microphoneJuly, 1997Hinzmann et al. Well drilling and servicing fluids which deposit an easily detachable filter cakeMarch, 1997Dobson, Jr. et al. Fracturing fluid with encapsulated breakerJanuary, 1997Harris et al. Method & equipment for actuating a downhole toolSeptember, 1996Holcombe et al.

Methods and supplies for degrading xanthanAugust, 2000Tjon-Joe-Pin et al. Retrievable high pressure, high temperature packer apparatus with anti-extrusion systemAugust, 2000Swor et al. Apparatus and technique for opening perforations in a well casingAugust, 2000Streich et al. Apparatus for finishing a subterranean properly and associated methods of utilizing sameJuly, 2000Gano et al. Composite coiled tubing equipment and methodsMay, 2000Thomeer et al.

Well treating methods and gadgets utilizing particulate blendsFebruary, 1996Nguyen et al. System for characterizing circulate sample, strain and motion of a fluidJanuary, 1996Fagan et al.

Thin titanium film as self-regulating filter for silicon migration into aluminum metal linesFebruary, 2001Tiffin et al. Application of a stabilized polymer gel to an alkaline remedy region for improved hydrocarbon recoveryFebruary, 2001Sydansk Borehole conduit slicing apparatusFebruary, 2001Robertson Fault tolerant pc systemJanuary, 2001Papa et al. Telephone system utilizing recorded messages to make outbound announcementsDecember, 2000Smith et al. Encapsulated breakers, compositions and methods of useDecember, 2000Muir et al.

Scheduling diagnostic testing of automated gear for testing built-in circuit devicesMay, 2000Fitzgerald et al. Semi-enclosed surfacing propeller driver system including air inductionApril, 2000Small et al. Method and an equipment for minimizing perturbation while monitoring parallel applicationsFebruary, 2000Archer et al.
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