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Air Testing Equipment

by:Wingoil     2020-10-17

To achieve this, match the measurement to be made as carefully to the total scale value of the check gauge. LeakTronics delivers a Pressure Testing Kit that includes the Pressure Rig the professionals use in the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit. CLIMAX is the PREMIER international model in our trade and a progressive firm.

The unit is meant to be used in ATEX Zone 1 hazardous environments and complies to NORSOK regulations. Lubricate all API recognized threaded pipe connections with API RP 5A3 / ISO thread compound. See the textual content as part of Table 1 above to judge any leakage noticed when testing these threaded connections to pressures higher than their working strain rankings. For PSL 3G and PSL 4, a working pressure fuel test shall observe the successful hydrostatic check.

Reference the gas body check, valve seat check, and gasoline again-seat check in API Spec 6A for acceptance criteria. When checking for seen leakage, never look directly into tools bores with closure mechanisms holding pressure. Thoroughly dry all assembled tools surfaces before testing, and search for proof of leakage after pressure release.

The NORSOK pressure check skid unit features a excessive-quantity circuit for speedy filling and a high-pressure circuit for raising to final pressure. Primary energy is provided by an electrically pushed hydraulic pump. Unit includes a native graphical interface displaying and recording pressure, circulate and system parameters. This unit is a pressure test system meant for strain testing 5,000-, 10,000-, and 15,000-psi-rated strain control gear to maximum working strain earlier than performing intervention work.

Operators mustn't apply these test pressures within the field; subject checks should not exceed the rated working stress of the tools. It’s important to select the correct pump and strain gauge to match the testing application at hand—an excellent guideline is the testing gadget should be four-10 times more accurate than the system being examined.
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